5 Heartwarming Gifts to Celebrate Your Super Dad This Father’s Day

Find gifting options from Noise, Third Wave Coffee, and Qubo

From steadying our first steps and celebrating our victories to guiding us through life's twists and turns, our dads have always been our constant support pillars. But do we remember the last time we hugged and thanked them for all the love that he has given us and all the sacrifices they have made? No right, because, in the hustle and bustle of daily life we have forgotten to thank the person whose love and guidance have shaped our very being. Well, with Father's Day just around the corner, this is our chance to tell our papas how much they mean to us. But this time let’s go beyond the mundane rituals of gifting cards, chocolates and wilting flowers and instead celebrate our dads in a way that truly reflects their awesomeness.

We know that finding the perfect Father’s Day gift can be daunting, but it's no sweat because we have curated a list where you can find the perfect gift for your unique dad.


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For the Tech-Savvy Dad

Luna Ring by Noise: Level up your gifting ideas this Father's Day and give Dad the gift of style, health, and tech with the Luna Ring by Noise. This sleek smart ring boasts a long-lasting battery and advanced health tracking, all wrapped in a modern design that complements any outfit. Powered with AI, the Luna Ring acts as a personal wellness coach while providing tailored health insights and recommendations. It is more than just an accessory, it's a statement piece that keeps Dad on top of his health and connected, with Bluetooth Low-Energy technology and automatic updates that are compatible with iOS 14/Android 6 and above.

For the Ever-Busy Dad

NoiseFit Origin Smartwatch: Searching for the perfect gift that can keep with your 'always on the go' dad? Look no further than the Noisefit Origin smartwatch. This premium smartwatch is the epitome of faster processing power with the new EN 1 processor. Moreover, the refreshed Nebula UI adds to better transitions and smooth interactions. Its seamless performance, 466*466 px AMOLED display, and advanced biometric sensors make it the ideal companion for the ever-busy dad. From heart rate monitoring, fitness age tracker, readiness analysis, and everything in between, this smartwatch effortlessly keeps up with your dad's hectic schedule. It is an ideal companion ensuring he tackles his work and health to-do list in style.

For The Coffee Lover Dad

Third Wave Coffee’s Moka Pot and Metallic Coffee Mug: For the dads whose strength and energy match their coffee cravings, Third Wave Coffee's Moka Pot and metallic mug duo are the ultimate Father's Day finds. This 150 ML stovetop espresso maker can effortlessly brew bold, rich coffee in minutes, without the need for tedious coffee-making machines. Paired with a chic metallic mug, this combo will ensure that your coffee aficionado dad enjoys his favourite cup of coffee in his own special way.

For the Gearhead Dad

Qubo DashCam Pro 3K: This Father's Day, celebrate your Dad's love for the road with the Qubo Dashcam Pro 3K Rear Cam. Whether he's a safety-first driver or an intrepid traveller, this gadget can be his perfect road companion. With built-in Wi-Fi, dual-channel recording, GPS tracking, and up to 1TB storage, it ensures that every journey is documented with precision and style. Compact and easily detachable, it captures every heart-pounding moment, while the dashcam’s vlogging feature can easily let him share his epic journeys and experiences with the world