A new digital card game might be in the making for EA, so stay tuned!

Exciting news for soccer and gaming enthusiasts! EA seems to be brewing something special with a patent hinting at a soccer-themed game centered around digital cards.

While EA's games have previously incorporated digital cards, as seen in the popular Ultimate Team mode, this upcoming game might bring a fresh twist to the experience. 

EA has a rich history with franchises like NHL, FIFA, and Madden NFL, where digital cards play a significant role in the Ultimate Team modes. Now, it looks like EA is ready to kick things up a notch by exploring a dedicated soccer-themed digital card game. Get ready to assemble your dream team, strategize, and compete in this innovative take on the world of sports gaming.


Get ready for a game-changing experience in the world of sports gaming! EA is diving into the mobile gaming arena with a soccer-themed digital card game. Picture this: you'll be drawing cards featuring top-tier players, strategizing with customized decks, and competing on a virtual soccer pitch against other players. The excitement ramps up as you use different cards, including athlete cards, action cards, and effect cards, to make strategic moves and score goals.

EA is taking soccer gaming to a whole new level with a mobile digital card game that brings a unique twist to the traditional match. In this innovative experience, battles unfold on a soccer pitch using digital cards featuring top-tier players. The patent hints at skill-based matchmaking, allowing players to face off against each other or even team up against CPUs. If you've dabbled in EA's Ultimate Team modes, you might find familiar mechanics here, with card packs and rarities adding an exciting layer to the game. Stay tuned for more details on how you'll assemble your dream team and conquer the soccer world!

EA is stepping into the world of soccer gaming with a twist! The patent for a mobile digital card game has soccer fans buzzing with excitement. While the game's release date remains uncertain, it could be EA's next move to engage the soccer community following the discontinuation of FIFA games. The prospect of assembling dream teams from various leagues and enjoying a fresh take on soccer gaming is enticing. Whether this digital card game will kick off a new era for EA Sports remains to be seen, but it's an exciting glimpse into the potential future of sports gaming.