Ampverse and DMI Created a Landmark Partnership to Ignite India's Esports Landscape with 'College Rivals'

DMI Finance and Ampverse Unveil College Rivals: A Game-Changing Chapter in Indian Esports, Fusing Passion, Community, and Talent in a Spectacular Journey.

The leading non-banking financial company in India, DMI Finance, has joined forces with Ampverse to unveil a significant chapter in the history of Indian Esports. Ampverse previously proposed one of the best collaborations in the dominant gaming community and the IP ecosystem in Asia. Through this cooperation, Esports in India are expected to soar, ushering in a new era of gaming prowess and community development.

Ampverse and DMI plan to co-develop and release a variety of esports intellectual properties (IPs) and data-driven innovations specifically suited for the thriving gaming community in India as part of this forward-thinking relationship. With the release of their first intellectual property, College Rivals, a project that promises to ignite passion and create enduring ties among esports fans, the curtain is raised.


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With electrifying tournaments full of high-octane energy, guidance from accomplished gaming luminaries, appearances by significant gaming personalities, and a variety of captivating components that promise an immersive gaming experience, College Rivals is poised to redefine the Esports landscape. Gaming enthusiasts can look forward to a convergence of exhilarating esports events, mentorship, musical interludes, and intensive training camps as the countdown to the release of College Rivals gets under way.

The main goal of College Rivals is to bring together students from all across the country in a cohesive college community through intense esports competitions. Players will be propelled towards the pinnacle of Indian esports performance by exciting events, fascinating influencer interactions, musical interludes, and demanding training camps. This effort aligns with the philosophy of supporting budding video game talent and developing a welcoming, enthusiastic collegiate community.

Several of India's largest cities, including Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, and Mumbai, are visited during the course of College Rivals' voyage. An eagerly awaited "Grand Finale" scheduled for early 2024 in Mumbai will mark the event's conclusion. This spectacular event, which will recognise winners from six featured games, will mark the culmination of India's biggest esports talent search with unmatched fervour.

Charlie Baillie, Chief Strategy Officer of Ampverse, expressed his elation, stating, "Our debut collaboration in India, Ampverse DMI, is a manifestation of our shared commitment to nurturing and harnessing the immense potential within India's burgeoning esports and gaming sector. This venture is the culmination of tireless strategic efforts from both teams, dedicated to providing extraordinary gaming experiences and unearthing the finest talents within the Indian college esports community."

Shivashish Chatterjee, Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director of DMI Finance, shared his enthusiasm, remarking, "We proudly introduce College Rivals as the first fruit of the AmpVerse-DMI partnership. Esports is undeniably the future of competitive and spectator sports in India. DMI wholeheartedly supports this evolutionary journey, promising an exhilarating transformation of eSports into mainstream entertainment."

Notably, College Rivals makes its premiere during the opening ceremonies of the event in Delhi, alongside the much-anticipated introduction of the Gaming Truck, an immersive gaming marvel setting off on an enthralling journey around Delhi's college campuses. The Gaming Truck, which has gaming stations and a lively DJ setup, guarantees an exhilarating entertainment experience. It will travel through Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad, a remarkable 5000 kilometres.

The debut of College Rivals sends a strong message to college students to embrace the excitement of Esports and the rekindled camaraderie that comes from a love of the same video games.