Apex Legends Battle Pass Gets a Major Overhaul!

Respawn has made some big changes to the Battle Pass in Apex Legends. The biggest change is that the Battle Pass will now cost real money instead of Apex Coins (AC). The community is still waiting to see how this plays out, but that's not all - there are more changes coming with the new season!

Here are the major changes:


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- The Battle Pass is now split into smaller parts instead of being tied to a whole season.
- You now need to reach level 60 (instead of 110) to get the final cosmetic items.
- The free and premium tracks have new rewards for each split.
- There's a new Premium+ track with even more rewards!
- The cost of the Battle Pass has changed: Premium is now $9.99 (instead of 950 AC) and Premium+/Premium bundle is $19.99 (instead of 2800 AC).

The developers listened to community feedback and made these changes to improve the Battle Pass experience. The new Battle Pass will be shorter (one for each split) and can only be bought with real money. But, players can try it out for free! Complete a set of challenges within the first two weeks of the new season to get the first split's Premium Battle Pass for free!

These changes aim to make the Battle Pass more exciting and rewarding. Stay tuned to see how it all plays out in Season 22!