Are we getting Disney x Epic Games collab? Keep reading to find out!

The partnership between Disney and Epic Games marks a significant milestone, bridging iconic brands like Marvel and Pixar with the expansive worlds of Fortnite and the powerful Unreal Engine.


While Epic Games has previously teamed up with various top brands, this collaboration with Disney seems to be on a whole new level, promising a deep and extensive integration between these beloved franchises.


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Epic Games has openly shared its vision of building a metaverse within the Fortnite universe. This concept suggests that Fortnite will evolve into a central hub, not just for its battle royale gameplay, but for a wide range of gaming and entertainment experiences. The game has already showcased this approach through virtual concerts and events like the Fortnite Festival, which introduced Harmonix's Rockband into the mix. Initiatives like Lego Fortnite and Rocket Racing further demonstrate Epic's ambition to transform Fortnite into a virtual world rather than just a multiplayer game.

Disney and Epic Games have issued a joint statement unveiling an exciting new partnership, signaling a significant step forward in Epic's metaverse initiative. While Epic has previously collaborated with Disney properties like Marvel and Star Wars in Fortnite, this partnership marks a deeper level of collaboration. Disney has invested $1.5 billion to acquire an equity stake in Epic, solidifying their commitment to shaping the future of gaming and entertainment. Disney CEO Robert Iger expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, describing it as the beginning of a groundbreaking new games and entertainment universe. He emphasized the vast opportunities for growth and expansion that this investment presents for Disney in the gaming industry.

Disney's substantial investment in Epic Games marks a significant move for the entertainment giant. While Disney has previously licensed its intellectual properties for games such as Kingdom Hearts and Marvel's Spider-Man, these projects have typically been developed by external studios. With competitors like Netflix and Amazon ramping up their internal game development efforts, there has been speculation about when Disney would make a similar move. Although the partnership with Epic does not entail Disney establishing its own in-house game studio, it represents one of Disney's boldest steps into the gaming market to date.

Epic Games' ongoing evolution of Fortnite with new game modes and features is set to take on an even more ambitious trajectory with the support of Disney. While the specific outcomes of this partnership remain uncertain, Fortnite enthusiasts can anticipate a substantial surge in crossover content featuring beloved brands such as Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar, and Pixar.