Baldur's Gate 3 Players Unintentionally Completing the Game Without Main Companions

How some players completed Baldur's Gate 3 without encountering key companions.

Players have embarked on epic adventures and formed friendships with a variety of noteworthy characters in the expansive and fascinating world of Baldur's Gate 3. However, it has come to light that some players have succeeded in finishing the game without ever coming across important allies, igniting curiosity and astonishment among the gaming community.

I recently completed the entire game without Lae'zel, as described by a Reddit member in a post titled "I beat the entire game without Lae'zel." Lae'zel is a major figure in the game and frequently one of the companions that players meet. This player, however, admitted to not only forgetting to add her to their party but also failing to locate her in the game's virtual world. They jokingly acknowledged to investigating every inch of Act 1, save for the location where Lae'zel had been imprisoned, which had resulted in an unusual, accidental replay.


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Lae'zel's absence from this player's adventure emphasises Act 1's size and the variety of places where companions can be located. In order to find out what would happen to Lae'zel after the Nautiloid crash, players must thoroughly investigate the area near the Grove. Since this discovery, other players have shared experiences that are identical to it. Some have missed out on Gale, a crucial companion, because they avoided a "unstable portal" or thought they could save him later, only to find out that they couldn't.

It's interesting to note that players have also shared their odd experiences. The richness of player-driven decisions and outcomes in Baldur's Gate 3 is demonstrated by one player's account of their decision not to enlist Wyll simply because they didn't want to disrupt his training session with a youngster.

There are an astounding ten different companions available in the game, each with its own talents and personalities. When assembling their party, players have a wide range of options, from the endearing Astarion to the powerful Lae'zel. The open design of the game allows for these various experiences, guaranteeing that player choices have a significant impact on the story. For instance, depending on the player's decisions, characters like Shadowheart may appear at various periods in the narrative, making sure they can't be completely missed.

Baldur's Gate 3 promises each player an adventure that is entirely unique to them. The game's vast tapestry of options and outcomes guarantees that each playthrough is a unique adventure, keeping players enthralled and anxious to explore the depths of this compelling RPG universe whether they run into every companion or miss out on some.