Best Bangboos in the Zenless Zone Zero

Bangboos are the assistants to Combats who are directly involved in the battle and also provide passive buffs to the whole team.

miHoYo, maker of Zenless Zone Zero has introduced a new mechanism: Bangboos to HoYoverse games. Bangboos are the assistants to Combats who are directly involved in the battle and also provide passive buffs to the whole team. There are many Bangboos in the ZZZ and selecting the right one is an important task because Bangboos are uncontrollable and the wrong selection can lead to total mess.

In this guide, we will tell you the best Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero that can lead you to victory.


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Zenless Zone Zero | Avocaboo - Skills and Stats | ZZZ - GameWith

Avocaboo is a multipurpose bangboo that can damage the enemies as well as recover the HP  for your agents in the party. These types of bamboo are useful in end-game content. With one support character in the team, you can increase its health recovery ability by another 20%.


All Zenless Zone Zero Bangboo, Ranked, and How to Unlock Them

Devilboo is one of the quality A-Rank Bangboo in ZZZ, taking pictures of homing bullets at enemies while flying, dealing with Ether Damage, and causing Ether Anomaly Buildup. Suppose you've got  Ether Attribute characters within the celebration, that is tough as there are the handiest  Ether Attribute characters in the game at launch. In that case, its passive capacity allows the Chain Attack’s Coordination State to final 5 greater seconds and prompt 4 more times. During the Chain Attacks, it deals extra Ether Damage and inflicts Ether Anomaly Buildup for up to 30 seconds or 10 activations.


Magnetiboo is one of the exceptional crowd-managed Bangbros in ZZZ. Its capability to pull in nearby enemies to deal Physical damage. This ability could make grouping enemies a lot simpler in battles. Additionally, when you have an Anomaly character within the squad, the attack variety and damage of its capability is increased using another 30%. This Bangboo is a great pick for maximum early groups, particularly in case you are taking over agencies of enemies.


Exploreboo is any other very robust help type Bangboo. He is the only Bangboo that recovers HP, generates Shield or increases Energy regen with one capacity. This cute Bangboo scans, excavates in the right place, and then reveals certainly one of the earlier noted buffs, and offers it randomly to one of the agents inside the celebration. Having a Support type character in the party will similarly boom its HP recovery and Shield Generation buff through 20% and Energy Regen rate by using 0.04 factors consistent with 2nd.

A million

Amillion is some other robust offensive Bangboo who makes use of a Machine gun to tear Ethereals in the fight area. It does very robust Physical damage, particularly at some stage in Chain attacks, and flawlessly pairs with the Cunning Hares Agents. Amillion is easily one of the nice Bangbo


Butler is one of the great support Bangbros in ZZZ, as he creates heartfelt afternoon snacks that generate Energy for the receiving Agent. Generating electricity quickly will supply a brief raise to all your offensive retailers, permitting them to use their high-damage Ex-Special competencies extra often. This ZZZ Bangboo also pairs great alongside two Victoria Housekeep Co. Agents, which is notable due to the fact Agent Corin is loose on launch and Ellen Joe is on the primary section restrained banner.


Safety is one of the qualities of Bangboos in Zenless Zone Zero. This Bangboo fee at enemies, launching a drilling assault and dealing Physical damage upon hit. His base Attack and Impact stats also are without a doubt precise, making him a remarkable offensive Bangboo. Safety shines with extra individuals of the Belobog Heavy Industries within the team, growing the Chain Attack harm using 20%, and in addition, increasing it with the aid of every other 20% if the goal is Burning or Shocked. If you have Ben and Koleda in your team, then Safety is the pleasant Bangboo preference for you.