Call of Duty: Here's the Black Ops 6 File Size Clarification

The excitement surrounding the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 (BO6) took a turn when an Xbox Store listing indicated an "approximate size" of 309.85 GB, sparking a significant discussion on social media. Concerns about the massive file size led to a response from Activision to clarify the situation.

Clarification from Activision

Activision addressed the concerns via their @CODUpdates account, emphasizing that the size listed was an approximation and not reflective of the actual download size for BO6:


Popular Games

  • Misleading Approximation: The size shown on the pre-order pages included the full installations of Modern Warfare 2 (MW2), Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), Warzone, and all relevant content packs, including all localized language packs. This cumulative size does not represent what a typical player would need to download for BO6 alone.
  • Separate Installations: Players will not be required to download other Call of Duty titles or all language packs when downloading BO6. The actual file size specific to BO6 will be provided closer to the launch date.

Modular Installation via Call of Duty HQ

BO6 will continue the trend of using the Call of Duty HQ application, allowing for modular installations. This means players can choose which parts of the game to install or uninstall based on their preferences:

  • Campaign: Once completed, the campaign mode can be uninstalled to free up space. This component is expected to have the largest file size.
  • Zombies and Warzone: These modes can also be uninstalled separately after use.
  • Efficient Management: This modular approach helps manage storage more efficiently, ensuring that players only keep the parts of the game they actively use.

Context of File Sizes

Despite the initial alarm, the actual size of BO6 is likely to be substantial but not as overwhelming as the approximated 309.85 GB. For context:

  • Current Sizes: The current combined size for MW3 and Warzone on PS5 is over 200 GB, suggesting that while BO6 will be large, it won't reach the initially feared proportions.
  • Actual Size: The actual download size for BO6 will be revealed closer to its release date, giving players a more accurate expectation of the storage required.


The initial report of a 309.85 GB file size for BO6 caused significant concern among fans, but Activision's clarification has helped to alleviate these worries. The actual file size will be more manageable, thanks to the modular installation options provided by the Call of Duty HQ application. BO6 is set to launch on October 25, and players can expect more detailed information about the game's download requirements as the release date approaches.