Can you play Wild Rift on PC, or LoL on Mobile? Know all the details right here!

If you're eager to join your friends on League of Legends, simply download the League client onto your PC from the official website. On the other hand, if your friends are diving into Wild Rift, head to your mobile device's game store to download the Wild Rift app and join them in the action.

While League of Legends and Wild Rift share many similarities, including champions, items, skins, and core gameplay mechanics, they are distinct games with separate clients. Developed with different audiences in mind, they each offer unique experiences tailored to their respective platforms. Despite their similarities, fundamental differences between the two games prevent crossplay from being possible.


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Unfortunately, League of Legends doesn't support crossplay between PC and Wild Rift, its mobile counterpart. So, if you're battling it out on your computer, you won't be able to team up with friends who are playing Wild Rift on their mobile devices. Each platform remains its own separate realm of gameplay, at least for now.

The differences between League of Legends on PC and Wild Rift on mobile go beyond just the platform. Here are some key distinctions that make crossplay between the two games impossible:

  •  Wild Rift games typically last 15 to 20 minutes, while League PC matches can stretch up to 40 minutes. This disparity in game length stems from how the games were developed, catering to different playstyles and time commitments.
  •  Although both games feature a map called Summoner’s Rift and may appear similar at first glance, the Wild Rift map was specifically adapted for faster gameplay. It boasts different jungle routes and tweaks to encourage quicker matches, making them essentially two different maps.
  • In Wild Rift, the level cap is set at 15, whereas it's 18 in League PC. This discrepancy in level caps reflects the pacing and progression differences between the two versions.
  • On mobile, Wild Rift utilizes dual controls, offering a unique gameplay experience tailored to touchscreens. In contrast, League PC relies on traditional mouse and keyboard controls. While the mouse and keyboard setup may be more familiar to some players, the mobile control scheme in Wild Rift presents its own challenges, making attacks, movement, and ability usage more complex.
  • Wild Rift does not feature all the champions available in League PC. This disparity means that if crossplay were enabled, Wild Rift players would be at a disadvantage due to differences in champion availability and gameplay mechanics.
  • The items and runes available in Wild Rift differ significantly from those in League PC. These differences contribute to varying gameplay strategies and dynamics between the two versions, further complicating the possibility of crossplay.

Given these substantial differences in game mechanics, pacing, controls, and content, crossplay between League PC and Wild Rift is simply not feasible. Each version offers a distinct gaming experience tailored to its respective platform and player base