Characters of Super Mario deserve a proper introduction too! Here are all the playable characters in the game

We know there might be a bit of uncertainty surrounding the fate of Mario and Luigi, but hold onto your hats! Our beloved Paper Mario is getting a remake. So, buckle up for another fantastic journey into the Mario RPG universe, guys!

Hey, all you Mario RPG fans out there! Guess what? It's finally official – we're getting a remake of the iconic Super Mario RPG! You know, that gem that came to life through an epic partnership between Square Enix and Nintendo. It's time to relive the magic that brought the world of Super Mario Bros. into the thrilling realm of JRPGs. And boy, did it leave an unforgettable mark! Not only did it lay the groundwork for future Mario RPG classics like the Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario series, but it also fired up the imaginations of gamers for generations to come.

Sure, Super Mario RPG's combat system might seem a tad old-school by today's standards, but here's the kicker – it's the very foundation on which those action-packed command systems of its successors were built. Each character brought their unique flavor to the battle, and that's where the real magic happened. The party in Super Mario RPG is timeless – a blend of classic Mario icons and charming newcomers that fans will soon get to reconnect with all over again. So, get ready to embark on a new adventure with some old pals! It's like a Mario RPG revival, and trust me, it's going to be absolutely epic!


1) Mario
Now, who's leading this epic crew? None other than the iconic Mario himself – the red-clad Italian plumber with a jump that's pretty much legendary across the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario takes the spotlight as the party's ever-present leader, a true powerhouse when it comes to physical attacks. With well-balanced stats, awesome abilities, and some of the finest gear Super Mario RPG has to offer, he's a force to be reckoned with. Even if his fireball spells don't steal the show, this charismatic version of Nintendo's beloved mascot will always be the backbone of the gang.


2) Mallow
Next up, we've got Mallow, the lovable young Nimbus who joins Mario's quest early on. His mission? To save the world and uncover the mystery of his birth parents. Mallow, fittingly for a cloud, specializes in elemental magic, boasting the most diverse range of attack spells in the party. While their usefulness might taper off a bit later in the game, crafty players can still find clever ways to put this bashful ally's talents to good use.


3) Geno
Ah, Geno – the rock star of the Super Mario RPG fan community! Don't be fooled by his wooden doll appearance; Geno is anything but ordinary. He's a celestial spirit hailing from the fragmented Star Road, and he's all in when it comes to helping Mario recover those elusive Star Pieces. With an array of guns and energy weapons, Geno might start off on the gentler side, but with practice and mastery of his action commands, he can evolve into the most potent damage dealer in the entire game.


4) Bowser
As you delve deeper into your adventure alongside Mallow and Geno, you're probably wondering about the rest of Mario's gang. Well, here's the kicker – the final two party members are none other than iconic characters you already know and love, and they're ready to jump into action one after the other. First up, we've got Bowser himself, who's been quite unceremoniously evicted from his castle by a menacing giant sword. In a surprising twist of fate, Bowser decides to team up with Mario, and even though it might be a begrudging partnership, it brings his incredible strength and rock-solid physical defense to the party.


5) Peach
Now, while Bowser might be facing a bit of a pickle, Princess Peach is holding her own like a champ. Once our gang successfully rescues her, she quickly proves to be an indispensable member of the team. Not only does she hold the prestigious title of being the game's top healer, mending her comrades with skill and finesse, but she also gradually transforms into a formidable combatant in her own right. So, with her very own solo game, Princess Peach: Showtime!, creating a buzz among her fans, you can expect to see a whole lot more of Peach in your Super Mario RPG adventures! Welcome back to the Mario RPG family, folks!