Controversial Boost Spot Returns in Counter-Strike 2's Vertigo Map

Discover the return of a controversial boost spot in Counter-Strike 2's Vertigo map.

A infamous boost location on the Vertigo map is making a comeback in the most recent version of Counter-Strike, known as Counter-Strike 2. In the former edition of the game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), this specific area had been controversial and ultimately deleted because of its dubious advantages.

Although mastering boost places may not be the most important ability, it can unquestionably give a team a tactical advantage when playing against other teams. These areas appear on every map and can be quite useful for securing crucial angles or dodging enemies.

Back in 2022, there was debate over the legitimacy of a certain boost position on Vertigo in CSGO competitions. Players had a great angle from which to take out opponents on A Ramp at this location. Surprisingly, it was initially seen as lawful but was later removed from the game.

However, it looks that same divisive boost location has returned with the makeover of all the classic levels in CS2, including Vertigo.

JoJo, a CS gamer, posted on Twitter the first time she discovered this boost place. The boost works similarly to how it did in CSGO: a player can be helped up to a place right behind A Sandbags, enabling them to carry out a pixel walk that conceals them behind a wall and gives them a boost.

This boost's potency comes from the fact that it makes the player harder for foes to see when they are coming from A Ramp. Opponents must be placed close to the location or near the Sandbags in order to deal with them, which might be too late.

NarT, a CS YouTuber, brought up the topic in one of his videos, reigniting the discussion of whether or not this boost position is permitted in professional matches. ESL referee Michal Slowinski had a different stance and said that it was not permitted, in contrast to some professionals, such NAVI's flashie, who claimed that ESEA officials had sanctioned its use. This caused players to get perplexed. Vertigo's pixel walk was eventually removed by Valve in order to address the problem, making attempts to reach the boost area impossible.

This contentious boost position has now briefly reappeared in Counter-Strike 2. Players and fans are curious about its future in the game since Valve's decision to reinstate its removal is still up in the air.