Controversial Removal of NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman COD Skins Sparks Player Workarounds

Controversy Surrounding Removal of NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman Call of Duty Bundles.

Following Nick's anti-LGBTQ tweet, the much-anticipated Call of Duty Operator bundles with NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman were abruptly pulled from the game's store, sparking a major schism in the gaming community. TimTheTatman immediately asked to have his own Operator package removed in support of his friend, saying that it seemed unfair to have his available when Nick's was not.

This contentious choice affected more people than just the two well-known streamers. The plans for Operator packages of other producers, like Swagg, were completely scrapped, which increased the uproar around the situation.

However, not everyone who wanted one was able to get one because these bundles were quickly removed when they were first introduced. Since then, a lot of players have stated that they would like to play as Nick or Tim. Players now seem to have found two ways to acquire and possess these removed packages.

A two-controller workaround is Method 1

This technique requires you to have two controllers and two profiles on your console, one of which must already be in possession of the operator bundle you desire. the following steps:

  • Use Controller 1 to go to the Store and ensure the bundles are owned.
  • Switch to Controller 2 and log in to the profile you want the bundle on.
  • While logging in with Controller 2, press Circle/B on Controller 1 to cancel the log in and bring up the 'Connection Failed' popup.
  • With Controller 1, select 'Go Offline.'
  • Choose 'Local Multiplayer.'
  • Log in with Controller 2.
  • Back out of local multiplayer with Controller 1, returning to the start screen.
  • Use Controller 2 to press X/A to Start.
  • Head back to the Store.

By pressing R2/RT on Controller 2, you may access the Bundle Locker and view the bundles that are available for purchase.
See the desired package and purchase it.
It's crucial to remember that this technique doesn't seem to be an intentional feature from the creators or Activision, and there's a potential it might be patched in the future. After all, there are probably good reasons why these bundles were removed, and they wouldn't want gamers abusing the system.


The removal of the TimTheTatman Operator and NICKMERCS bundles from Call of Duty caused a stir among gamers. Players may still be able to obtain these eliminated bundles via workarounds like the one outlined above, but it's unclear if these strategies will hold true in the future. The laws and procedures governing in-game content change as the gaming business does, forcing players to adjust and come up with new solutions.