CS:GO's biggest skin website Roll banned in Australia

Australia has banned one of the biggest CS:GO skin websites Roll for breaching the law.

Skin gambling giant Roll has been considered for breaching the law of Australia breaking Subsection 15 (2A) under the Interactive Gambling Act, 2001. The Australian Communication and Media Authority has claimed that they found CS:GO rolling under “provided interactive gambling services," leading to a warning sent on March 16th by the authority and ultimately taking action on May 16th.

The company that claimed to be a G2 Esports sponsor has made claims about its p2p marketplace and also spoken about the in-game coins, which may be used for major casino coins, as said by the AMCA.
The fear that major players may convert into gamblers has also raised questions about the game on sites like CS: GO... It is not the first time this problem has been faced by the CS: GO players, they have faced this major problem even in 2016 in Washington when a letter was sent regarding gambling when the gambling crises had reached their peak point in the state.

In 2016, the websites were shocked by the valve movement against them, just as the CS GO Lounge or CS GO Fast warned them to either change their approach or get ready to face the consequences in the future.
Since there has been quite a big line between Australia and America, other gambling sites have already taken aim at CS: GO, considering it nothing but an illegal operation.

The announcement of the update was launched on the day Monesy turned 18 years old and had been featuring the sales clip provided by the organization, although the video had been shot, edited, and released before his birthday, which also caused much disputes and criticism among the gaming community against Monesy, although this ban might be a big domino for the major organizations also following the same pattern of gambling.