Dead Space Remake "secret alternate ending" explained; Also find out how to unlock the new ending

Dead Space Remake has a new alternate ending that ties the game more strongly to its sequel. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Dead Space Remake is out now on  Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, Steam and Epic Games, and fans have already discovered the “alternate ending” hidden that they are going gaga over. An otherwise faithful remake of the 2008 game, this secret, alternate ending serves as a better connecting thread with the events of Dead Space 2 (2011). Here’s everything you need to know about this alternate ending in the new Dead Space, including how to unlock it, as well as the explanation.

Spoilers ahead! 

How to unlock the alternate ending of Dead Space Remake

First of all, the alternate ending needs to be unlocked, and for that you need to play in the New Game Plus mode. The New Game Plus can be activated only when you’ve completed the game on any difficulty level. 
In the New Game Plus mode, there are Marker Fragments hidden across the USG Ishimura through all the chapters of the game that you need to collect. There are 12 Marker Fragments in total. Once you’ve collected all of them, you need to place them on a shrine in  Lt. Commander V. Holt’s Quarters. As you finish the game from thereon, the alternate ending unlocks by default. 

Dead Space Remake Alternate Ending explained

In the alternate ending, it is established that Dr Nicole Brennam, Isaac Clarke’s girlfriend has been long dead even before Clarke arrived aboard the USG Ishimura. As for Nicole’s voices in his head, he has been hallucinating them, but it also implies that it was under the induction of the Markers, or the Necromorphs themselves. In other words, Isaac Clarke has been under the influence of the Necromorphs for sometime. 

In the Dead Space Remake, as we see Isaac Clarke coming to terms with Nicole’s death at the end of the game, Nicole’s voice comes back once again to haunt him. And he goes on to say that before going home, he needs to “build a little something first”, but something that “she’s” going to like. The next sequence further implies that Clarke is taken by the Markers, with bloody graffiti across the deck of the escape shuttle.

Dead Space 2 (2011) begins with Isaac Clarke waking up in a hospital aboard the Sprawl, which is now taken over by Necromorphs. The secret ending of Dead Space Remake implies that it was Clarke himself who brought the Necromorphs to the Sprawl. 

This new ending acts as a much stronger connection to Dead Space 2 unlike the ending in the original Dead Space. In the latter, the game ends with one jump scare of a Necromorph in the form of Nicole, lunging itself at Isaac, implying that that’s how Clarke was taken control of by the Necromorphs.