Dobby Reveals Who Can Beat Jonathan in VALORANT! Read Full Interview

Here's our recent interview with Deepanshi Rawat aka Dobby

Recently we had a fun discussion with Deepanshi Rawat aka Dobby who is the first female content creator of Godlike. She talks about content creator's monthly income, toxicity in the gaming community, her journey as a gamer and many more

How did you become a gamer?
I always enjoyed playing games. I asked my parents about making a YouTube channel and they approved it on the condition that my studies won't be affected. So it all started randomly without any plan.


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Has Bobby always been a Hardcore Gamer?

I am not a bug-buff gamer. I used to play games whenever I got time but never streamed competitive matches like others.

How did you join Godlike?

Godlike was creating a lineup of female content creators, so they contacted me and I said yes because I wanted to be in Godlike. Also, I was the first female content creator of the org.

How was your transition from esports player to content creator?

The transition was very good. When I was an esports competitive player, I used to play with Godlike Rebel, then she joined Godlike and I also wanted to quit competitively because I was pursuing medical studies and it wasn't possible to do gaming for 12 hours a day, so that's why I shifted to content creation and I loving my decision.

What are the misconceptions about female gamers?

The biggest misconception is that girls cannot play video games. People assume that male gamers are better than female gamers. 

How's your relationship with other Godlike Creators?

We have Mizo, Sakshi and other creators. Sakshi is the one who is always ready to help whenever I am stuck in something. Everybody is very supportive there. My relationship is very good with everyone.

How's your relationship with Jonathan?

My relationship with Jonathan is very good. He is a go-to person for me. I can share any problem with him and he is always ready to help me out. He is like a best friend to me. 

What's your message for budding female gamers?

It's my sincere appeal to every female budding gamer that come forward and show your talent to the world. Nobody is gonna know about your skill until you come forward and show it to the world.

How to Deal with Hate while streaming?

The best way to deal with hate while streaming is to avoid it. When I entered this community I wasn't aware of the hate that streamers get. I remember I broke down on Livestream and felt guilty about it later. You can ignore a few rude chats but cannot do hundreds of them.

Who is the most supportive person in Godlike?

So Alpha and Rebel are the two closest people to me. Alpha is like my elder sister in the gaming community. She always guides me and gives positive advice. 

What is your request to the audience?

I have a request to the audience if a gamer is trying out a new game, instead of spamming them, appreciate them. 

Did you ever abuse it on stream?

I did it once while streaming VALORANT. it happened out of conscience and later felt guilty about it. Many of my fans still have that clip. 

Which is the worst Lobby in VALORANT?

In my opinion, the, worst lobby in VALORANT is iron, bronze and gold.

What is the monthly income of a content creator?

On average a female creator can earn 3-4 lakh rupees per month. However, if you are a top-notch content creator it can even go up to 30 lakh rupees per month

Who Can Beat Jonathan in VALORANT?

Harshi who is a content creator in Godlike Esports can beat Jonathan


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