Epic Games is treating us with a new free game on February 15!

Even after Valentine's Day has passed, the Epic Games Store continues to spread the love with its weekly freebies.


Every Thursday morning, Epic Games treats gamers to one or two free games as part of its ongoing promotion. So, mark your calendars because February 15 will bring another opportunity to snag a new title at no cost, although the exact release time can vary from week to week. Set your alarms for 7:30pm IST next Thursday to grab the next Epic Games Store freebie and keep the gaming love alive!


Popular Games


Since its inception in 2019, the free games promotion on the Epic Games Store has been a staple offering for gamers, providing a diverse range of titles spanning various genres and experiences. Just like a box of Valentine's Day chocolates, these free games cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences. While February 15 sees only one title up for grabs, the next freebie, Dakar Desert Rally, shines a spotlight on a lesser-known genre of video games, promising an exciting experience for racing enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

Offering Dakar Desert Rally for free on the Epic Games Store holds significance, particularly for racing game enthusiasts who have had limited opportunities to claim free titles in their favorite genre. With only a couple of racing games featured in the freebies lineup over the past months, such as Art of Rally and Horizon Chase Turbo, Dakar Desert Rally provides a refreshing addition for fans eager to experience the thrill of racing through the desert terrain. This rarity makes it a standout offering for players looking to expand their gaming library with diverse experiences.


Indeed, Dakar Desert Rally's focus on rally racing adds another layer of appeal to its availability as a free game. While kart racers and arcade-style racing games dominate the genre's mainstream appeal, rally racing offers a distinct experience appreciated by a dedicated fan base. By bringing Dakar Desert Rally to the forefront, the Epic Games Store offers players the chance to immerse themselves in the challenging and exhilarating world of off-road rally racing, exploring vast desert landscapes and pushing the limits of their driving skills in a unique setting based on the iconic Dakar Rally.