Epic games might have something amazing in store for you this week

Hey, fellow gamers! Brace yourselves because next week is going to be pretty special for all you gaming enthusiasts out there. Get ready to immerse yourselves in not one, but two incredible titles, and the best part? They're free in the Epic store!

It's a real treat, especially if you're a fan of mind-bending puzzles and breathtaking natural landscapes. But here's the cool twist: although Out of Line and The Forest Quartet might seem similar at first glance, they're actually quite distinct when it comes to gameplay and what they bring to the gaming table. So, grab your gaming gear, set those calendars, and let's dive in!

Now, let's talk about The Forest Quartet. It's this charming indie game that's essentially a passion project led by the main developer and their family. The story revolves around Nina, a late singer, and her jazz band, the Forest Quartet. After her passing, the band drifted apart, and that's where you come in. You step into Nina's shoes, armed with puzzles and spirit powers. And the icing on the cake? A captivating jazz soundtrack that sets the mood for every significant moment.

Here's the deal - Nina's friends are now scattered across different places. So, the game unfolds across three distinct levels. Your mission as Nina? Help her pals navigate through their heartaches so they can finally reunite. It's a relatively short journey, clocking in at around 90 minutes, but it's gained heaps of praise for its heartwarming story and that outstanding jazz soundtrack. It's a must-play, especially if you're a fan of indie puzzle games like Back to Bed.

Moving on to Out of Line. Picture a mesmerizing hand-drawn 2D puzzle platformer where you follow the adventures of San, a young lad stuck in a factory yearning for his great escape. Armed with a unique light spear, San's got some nifty tricks up his sleeve. He uses this spear to navigate his tricky world. By tossing it strategically, he can shift objects, trigger switches, and conquer various obstacles.

Critics have showered praise on the game's level design, especially as things get trickier in the later stages. But, there's a catch. When you compare Out of Line to The Forest Quartet, one hiccup stands out. It's all about storytelling. While it's scooped up awards and nominations, the narrative here leaves a bit to be desired. It's open-ended, leaving you to decipher San's story. But this air of mystery has left some critics feeling like the game raises more questions than it answers.

Nevertheless, snagging Out of Line for free on the Epic Games Store is a golden opportunity. It offers an accessible gaming experience that you can pick up and put down whenever you like. Perfect for those times when you want to flex those puzzle-solving skills at your own pace.

All in all, these latest additions to the Epic Games Store promise a treasure trove of brain-teasing puzzles. But remember, each game brings its unique flavor to the table. One's a heartfelt, personal journey that tugs at your heartstrings, while the other whisks you away to a whole new world filled with mysteries. They also vary in length, but if you decide to take on both, you're in for roughly four and a half hours of gaming goodness. Whether they merge into a sublime experience or serve as fantastic time-fillers until the next Epic Games Store gem, that's a journey you'll embark on yourself. So, happy gaming, folks!