Epic Games to offer 5% cashback on every game purchase

Time to earn cashback on every game purchase.

To give consumers cash back on PC game purchases, the Epic Games Store is introducing a new "Epic Rewards" program. The new strategy essentially offers you a discount on whatever you purchase through Epic's rival to Steam, whether it be big-budget titles like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor or in-game purchases like Fortnite V-Bucks.

Automatic enrollment is available to anybody with an Epic Games Store account, and savings are credited to users' accounts after 14 days, after which time refund requests for games are no longer accepted. The remainder represents an obvious attempt by the firm to try and make its PC gaming hub a more appealing platform on which to amass a game collection.

The program's launch coincides with the start of the most recent Mega Sale at the site. There have been up to 75% price reductions on many video games. Returnal (20% off), Far Cry 6 (75% off), Cyberpunk 2077 (50%), and Alan Wake Remastered (60%) are just a few of the games that are now on sale.

Here's what Epic Games said, "You’ll automatically earn 5% back in Epic Rewards, which will be added to your Rewards Balance two weeks (14 days) after completing the associated purchase. Once you receive your Epic Rewards, you can apply them at checkout to get a discount on future eligible purchases or save them for later. Epic Rewards can also be combined with other discounts and coupons for even better deals. Just keep in mind that Epic Rewards do expire eventually (25 months from the date they were granted to your Rewards Balance, to be exact)."

A number of new features are being rolled out by the Epic Games Store for its platform, including the most recent self-publishing tools, which let game publishers and developers publish their games on the storefront. Over the past few years, it has developed a system for achievements and shopping carts.