Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean Collaboration: When is Jack Sparrow Arriving and What to Expect

Here are all the details you want to understand about Jack Sparrow's coming to Fortnite and what you can expect from the collaboration.

A collaboration between Fortnite and Pirates of the Caribbean (POTC) is around the corner, with leaks and in-game teasers from Epic Games confirming its arrival. This crossover will introduce cosmetic items, a new Mythic item, and more. The highlight of this collaboration is the debut of Captain Jack Sparrow in Fortnite. Here are all the details you want to get about Jack Sparrow's entrance in Fortnite and what you can expect from the collaboration.

When is Jack Sparrow Coming to Fortnite?

It’s been shown that Jack Sparrow is making his way to Fortnite, following Epic Games' early launch of the Pirates of the Caribbean event pass. Some players have already decided to purchase the "Cursed Sails Pass," a limited-time mini Battle Pass that includes various POTC-themed objects, with Captain Jack Sparrow being one of the rewards.


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Players who were capable of loading into Fortnite and purchasing the Premium Skip early have already received the Jack Sparrow skin. However, Epic Games has announced that Jack Sparrow will formally arrive in Fortnite on July 19. This fact became shared through the Fortnite Status account on X(formally Twitter). The tweet states that individuals who bought the Premium Cursed Sails Pass will need to progress through the levels to free up different rewards, but they may secure the Jack Sparrow skin.

What Does the Cursed Sails Pass Include?

Each pass offers Free and Premium Tracks with many unlockable rewards such as Pickaxes, Loading Screens, and more. To free up the Jack Sparrow pores and skin, players have to buy the Premium Cursed Sails Pass.

In addition to the Jack Sparrow skin, the bypass includes Level Up Tokens, Emotes, and Back Blings. The Premium Track fees 1,000 V-Bucks, granting immediate access to the Jack Sparrow pores and skin and the capability to release different rewards. The Cursed Sails Pass could be available for all gamers on July 19, coinciding with the creation of other pirate-themed factors in the game.