Game-Breaking Pokemon Go Battle League Exploit Unveiled by Poke AK

Discover the shocking revelation of a game-breaking exploit in Pokemon Go's Go Battle League, as Poke AK exposes how a Discord bot grants players an unfair advantage.

Poke AK, a well-known Pokemon Go YouTuber, discovered a key exploit in the game's Go Battle League on September 13th, bringing to light a game-breaking flaw that gives players an unfair edge. Users can use this vulnerability to learn about their opponent's squad and moveset before the combat even starts, thanks to a Discord bot.

Poke AK demonstrated how the bot works in a video clip, revealing that it sends a message as soon as the game begins that contains vital information on the opposing side. The Pokemon lineup, Combat Power (CP), Charged Attacks, and Fast Attacks of the opposition are all included in this data, giving players a comprehensive understanding of their opponent's game plan.


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The Go Battle League is well known for emphasizing talent, strategy, and competition. Trainers are required to foresee, adjust to, and counter their opponents within the always changing metagame. However, because this exploit gives players access to priceless information, it eliminates the necessity for such strategic planning and thus takes away the element of surprise from combat.

The elusiveness of this attack is one glaring problem. It can be very difficult to tell the difference between a player using the exploit and an experienced trainer, making it very difficult to find and fix.

Poke AK said that he received a message from an unidentified person who informed him of the Discord bot's existence. The bot was then put to the test in a secret skirmish, and he demonstrated its powers in his film.

Sadly, Poke AK did not provide detailed information about the scope of this problem, such as the number of Discord servers using the bot or the problem's general popularity.

The integrity of the Go Battle League, a mode renowned for its spirit of competition and strategic nuance, is in jeopardy as a result of this exploit. It will be interesting to watch how Pokemon Go's creator, Niantic, handles this problem and whether any corrective actions are taken to make the game's competitive scene more equitable.