Gears of War maker The Coalition cancels two unannounced projects amidst mass layoffs but Gears 6 is still on

The Coalition has reportedly cancelled two projects after mass layoffs at the studio, but Gear 6 is probably not affected. Here are the details.

We already knew that The Coalition was amongst the studios that was hit hard by the mass layoffs at Microsoft. There’s a new update on that front now, with news of two games from The Coalition that has now been canceled. However, development of the new Gears game is reportedly still on. Here’s more on these developments. 


This comes from industry insider Jeff Grubb, who informed about the two canceled games from The Coalition at Game’s Mess Mornings. The Coalition has been known internally to work on several unannounced projects since about a year now. A Gears 6 in development was speculated, given the premise set in Gears 5. Jeff Grubb now informs that The Coalition has canceled “a smaller project, as well as another project”, to “move on fully to Gears 6”. 

Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg had earlier confirmed the existence of these projects without divulging much about them. Additionally, there were rumors of a new IP in the works at The Coalition as well. Regardless, they now stand canceled if what Grubb says is to stand true. 

Gears 6 is coming

Grubb also mentioned that the mass layoffs at Microsoft which hit The Coalition quite a bit led to this. However, he says that we can now expect Gears 6 to be the next game from the developers. To quote Grubb, The Coalition “has likely moved on to Gears 6 in full over the course of the last year, but definitely that will be their next game.”

While nothing has yet been officially revealed by the developers or Xbox, Gears 6 has also not been revealed or announced yet. However, we do have a movie based on Gears of War in the making for Netflix. The news was announced at the franchise’s 16th anniversary. You can learn more about it in our coverage here