Get ready for some Terminal 24/7 action – that MW3 iconic map is back, and it's hotter than ever!

Sledgehammer Games just dropped the freshest playlist update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and it's got all the vibes!

But wait, there's more- They're throwing in an all-new "Experimental Playlist" for some wild gaming experiments. It's like they're cooking up a gaming potion, and you get a front-row seat!

Modern Warfare 3's campaign hit early access on November 2, followed by the full game release on November 10. While the campaign left some critics and Call of Duty enthusiasts underwhelmed, the multiplayer aspect seems to be earning a thumbs-up from the community. However, a few gripes linger, particularly around the implementation of skill-based matchmaking. Despite the hiccups, the MW3 multiplayer experience is buzzing with action and excitement.


A fresh Twitter update from Sledgehammer Games brings good news for Modern Warfare 3 players! The first playlist update is now live, featuring Terminal 24/7 for a dose of 6v6 Mosh Pit action on the legendary Modern Warfare 2 map. Additionally, the Modern Warfare 2 Mosh Pit treats players to maps like Farm 18, Crown Raceway, Shoot House, and Mercado Las Almas in a dedicated 6v6 playlist. More Modern Warfare 2 maps are on the horizon, though the schedule is still under wraps. And don't miss out on the Experimental Playlist, a new playground for testing features before they potentially hit other game playlists. One cool tweak? All operators now sport a colored outline, making them pop in the Modern Warfare 3 maps. 

Great news, Modern Warfare 3 enthusiasts! Sledgehammer Games is all ears and has a survey on the way. This is your chance to provide direct feedback to the developers, shaping the future tweaks to the operator outline and more. Keep an eye out for the survey in the coming days! Your insights will play a crucial role in fine-tuning the gaming experience. And for the inside scoop on upcoming hotfixes and adjustments, following the Modern Warfare 3 Trello Board is a wise move. 

Looks like the first playlist update for Modern Warfare 3 is hitting the right notes with the community! Fans on Twitter, like Marksman, are pumped about the modes introduced by Sledgehammer Games post-launch. And guess what? The Experimental Playlist is stirring up even more excitement! Players are buzzing about the potential testing of new features. The chatter includes ideas about tweaking time-to-kill, operator health, and overall mobility for fresh game modes in Modern Warfare 3.