GTA Online winter event has references to The Grinch and Die Hard; Check out event rewards, details and more

The GTA Online winter event started on December 22 and it will run for a week until December 29. 

Grand Theft Auto Online has officially joined the Christmas celebrations as Rockstar Games announces Christmas-themed rewards, objectives and missions. GTA Online holiday update is now live and its event-themed content looks inspired by The Grinch and Die Hard. The GTA Online winter event started on December 22 and it will run until December 29. 


GTA Online winter event

‘The Gooch’, paying homage to Christmas’ famous villain The Grinch, is spreading terror in Los Santos. “Beware of The Gooch, a nefarious opportunist now roaming the streets and lurking in the shadows, looking to empty the pockets of unsuspecting players while causing grievous bodily harm.”

It’s up to the player to fight off Gooch when the player faces a “surprise attack” from Gooch. Players will earn some GTA$ bonus and The Gooch Mask after a successful encounter with Gooch. 

As for the Die Hard reference, we’ve got the ‘Weazel Plaza Shootout’. It’s a robbery-gone-wrong situation at the Weazel News holiday party. The Weazel News holiday party has reportedly gone off the rails this year. 

“Keep an eye on the sky above Weazel Plaza for robbers in a tense shootout with a LSPD helicopter. Get involved, strip the thieves of their wallet and pick up a brand-new weapon befitting of your vigilante heroics” Completing the ‘Weazel Plaza Shootout’ mission earns players a new skin for the Pistol Mk II. 



Players will also earn various gifts, supplies and accessories as rewards for logging in any time this week, as part of the winter-themed GTA event. There are also snowmen collectibles to be found during the event. Find and destroy all 25 snowmen to earn GTA$125,000 and the Snowman Outfit. To find the collectibles, “listen for the jingle of sleigh bells”, advises Rockstar Games.