Here's the Marvel Contest of Champions for July 2024!

Marvel Contest of Champions continues to captivate players with its extensive roster of heroes and villains, and using codes can give you an extra edge in the game. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to redeem codes and the latest working codes for Marvel Contest of Champions.

All Marvel Contest of Champions Codes

Currently, the following code is known to be working:


Popular Games

  • IAMSOCIAL: I’m a Social Being Promo Pack.

How to Redeem Codes in Marvel Contest of Champions

Unlike many other games, codes for Marvel Contest of Champions cannot be redeemed directly in the game. Instead, you need to follow these steps to redeem them through a website:

  1. Head to the Summoner’s Market Page

  2. Log into Your Kabam Account

    • Use your credentials to log into your Kabam account. This should be the same account you use to play Marvel Contest of Champions.
  3. Scroll to the Promo Codes Section

    • Scroll down past the offers and purchases until you find the Promo Codes section near the bottom of the page.
  4. Enter the Code

    • In the Enter your code box, type the code you have (e.g., IAMSOCIAL).
  5. Apply the Code

    • Click on Apply Code to redeem your rewards.

Tips for Using Codes

  • Check Regularly: Codes are often part of events, so keep an eye on official announcements and community forums for new codes.
  • Bookmark this Page: Bookmark this page to quickly check for updates and new codes.
  • Event Participation: Participate in special events and follow Marvel Contest of Champions on social media platforms for exclusive codes.

Summing Up

By following these steps and using the available codes, you can enjoy additional rewards in Marvel Contest of Champions. Keep checking for new codes and make sure to redeem them promptly to make the most out of your gaming experience.