PUBG Mobile squad tactics: How to play as a team

PUBG mobile is a team game, some tactics and tricks will make it more interesting and easier.

This can be your ultimate guide to “winner winner chicken dinner.” These are certain tips by the PUBG team that might set the right momentum for your game.

If you apply these squad goals right, your team might get chicken in the dinner.


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As with any other sport, there is a team that moves together, acts together, and stays together, leads the game, and ultimately wins it. Here are some squad tactics you should know:

Squad tactics 1.  In the PUBG Mobile game, the leader should be a player who is the most experienced with the most knowledge of weapons.

Squad tactics 2.  The second player should possess all AMRs and DMRs. Having a sniper with the player will guide the whole team in tackling and covering the enemy.

Squad tactics 3.  A sniper with a silencer can be the best friend of a player which will guide its way through the game. The silencer will not let the enemy hear the sound of firing or let the second player know about their position. This will help monitor and track the enemy to make way for his death.

Squad tactics 4.  A leader in PUBG Mobile guides his teammates and keeps a sharp eye on the enemy. The team should be alert. An eye should be there on the maps as well as the surroundings with the right weapons in hand. You should be completely aware of the weapons and know which weapon works well.

Squad tactics 5.  When you come across a car, let the beginner in your car drive it and the rest should focus on firing and killing the enemies. This will let your team get closer to success.

Squad tactics 6. Revival is of utmost importance for a player who has been knocked out and needs the energy to keep playing the game. Staying close to all team members will help sustain the team till the end without getting the players killed. So, support shared between the team members becomes a lifeline for the PUBG Mobile team.

Every team member plays an important role because somebody is good at keeping an eye on the enemies, while another member might kill in the blink of an eye.

Therefore, squad goals become important when it comes to playing PUBG Mobile as it is a team game. The more organized squad would always go to win the game. While other people would be looking for their team members, the coordination between you and your team members will let you have the “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER.”