Leak Reveals Ghostface is Coming to Mortal Kombat 1


A recent leak from trusted Mortal Kombat data miner Interloko suggests that Ghostface, the iconic villain of the Scream franchise, could be joining the Mortal Kombat 1 roster as part of the second Kombat Pack although it has not been officially confirmed so Although this leak Mortal Kombat is consistent with a previous prediction from creator Ed Boone, who posted an image on social media featuring the movies horror slashers including Ghostface, Chucky and Leatherface, with no question about the characters still in the game.

Known for his ghostly mask and brutal knife attacks, Ghostface became the main antagonist in the Scream franchise, which has a unique twist: Ghostface's personality changes with each film, with different characters taking up the mantle this could bring them together interesting and dead-on highlighting their seconds and the many other characters involved.


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Mortal Kombat has a history of including characters from other IPs, such as DC Peacemaker, Omni-Man, and The Boys' Homelander, and the addition of Ghostface to its recent fighting pack will further expand the game's reputation and excitement for players and will give them a gaming experience.

As the first Kombat Pack nears completion, it explodes, leaving only one character, Takahashi Takeda, to be released. While there is no official confirmation from the developers, the leak has caused a lot of excitement among fans and hints at what could be in store for Mortal Kombat 1's future