Loco launches #sheggotgame on International Women's Day to promote up-and-coming female streamers more visibility

Loco's latest campaign is to promote female streamers with more visibility and audience. Here are the details.

Loco, one of the leading streaming platforms for gaming in India has launched a new campaign designed to “democratize gaming’. “#Shegotgame” was launched on the occasion of International Women’s Day, which was last week on 8th March. Here’s everything you need to know about these developments. 

Loco #shegotgame- Context

Loco reports witnessing a 2X growth in female users on the platform in 2022 as compared to 2021. “During this period, the platform also saw a massive 10X spike in the viewership of female streamers and a 3X increase in female Daily Active Users in 2022 (YoY).”- informed Loco via its official press release. Valorant, Free Fire Max and GTA 5 are some of the games that women on Loco seem to be the most invested in.


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Loco now intends to promote this inclusivity within the gaming community, in a mission to “democratize gaming”. As a result, the platform launched its new campaign- “#shegotgame” to encourage women to showcase their content. 

Loco #shegotgame- Details

On a Wednesday every month, starting March 2023, Loco will be providing budding female streamers on the platform, a “high visibility spot”. The dedicated new space on Loco will help up-and-coming female streamers find new viewership and grow. 

Commenting on this new initiative, Kanika Bisht, a.k.a. Kani Gaming said in a a statement, “As a female gamer, I am proud to see the progress the esports sector has made toward inclusivity. Women today are breaking gender stereotypes and setting themselves up for success fuelled by their passion. As a female gamer, it is encouraging to see platforms like Loco provide women gamers with the right tools and resources to launch and grow their career to help shape this ecosystem admiringly.”