Made-in-India Indus Battle Royale Launches New Trailer, New Grudge System Revealed

The Grudge System lets you be a Legend or if you’d like, be an Outlaw.

Indus Battle Royale, a mobile game currently in closed beta, is being developed and published by SuperGaming, an Indian company. Set in a unique "Indo-futuristic" world, the game is nearing its official release and has recently unveiled a game-changing feature known as the Grudge System, aimed at enhancing gameplay dynamics. This new addition allows players to seek revenge for any losses suffered by matching against their opponents for a rematch.

The Grudge System operates by giving players the option to hold a Grudge against their rival after being defeated during a match. By accepting the Grudge, players ensure that they will be preferentially matched against their opponent in future encounters. In the subsequent match, players stand to receive rewards if they successfully eliminate the player who previously defeated them. These rewards may include exclusive cosmetics and other in-game elements, adding an extra layer of motivation and excitement to the gameplay experience.


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For those eager to participate in the Indus Beta, signing up on the official Indus Beta key site at is necessary to join the waitlist. However, it's important to note that beta keys are available in limited supply. Once in possession of an Indus Beta key, players can redeem it on the aforementioned website.

To commemorate the launch of the Indus Beta, players will receive one-of-a-kind exclusive cosmetic items, acknowledging them as early supporters of the game. These exclusive items will not be accessible upon the game's official release, making them highly sought-after among the player community.