Niantic announces new augmented-reality game Peridot including virtual pets

The game will revolve around virtual pets to play, pet and train. Read more about Niantic's latest mobile game below.

Niantic has just announced its latest Augmented reality game for mobile on Wednesday. The developer behind the hit AR game Pokemon GO will be launching another game full of mystical and adorable creatures. Unlike Pokemon GO which involves battles between the Pokemon, Peridot will be completely focused on nurturing and caring for the fictional pets.

The augmented-reality adventure pet game will feature creatures that would “feel real”, as per Ziah Fogel, the game’s senior producer. Players can pet and play with the cute, adorable beasts featured in the game. They can also teach them tricks to “keep them healthy and help them grow,” as per the website.

Players can walk with their Peridots, the name of the creatures, just like in Pokemon GO. They will be exploring their neighborhood and finding items that help their Peridots grow. Players will also be able to take Augmented reality pictures and videos of their Peridots.

Peridot details and gameplay

Not only that, the game is said to feature an option to breed different kinds of Peridots to create unique offspring. The game will feature infinite possibilities of Peridot archetypes, as per the game’s description. A lot of Peridots could even resemble the animals we see in real life. Some Peridots will look similar to unicorns, peacocks, cheetahs, rabbits, clownfish, and many more. Niantic also released an announcement trailer that shows what some Peridots, the virtual pets, would look like.

To keep the game adventurous and challenging, Peridots would possess “desires” which means their owners would have to take them for walks, feed them a certain kind of food or visit a nearby POI (point of interest) so as to fulfill those desires and keep their Peridots happy.

Ziah Fogel also shed some light on the history of Peridots. Dots (short for Peridots) had been slumbering for thousands of years. They recently woke up to the current world and would face extinction without the help of the players of Peridots. Niantic is planning a soft launch of the mobile game in select regions for both Android and iOS. Players can pre-register on their website for updates and a chance to be part of the early tests.