Overwatch 2 might have something new in store for Mauga!

As Overwatch 2 revs up for its eighth season, the hype train is chugging along, offering a sneak peek at the impending buffs for the next hero, Mauga.

Brace yourselves, because the Samoan Tank is set to shake things up in Season 8, bringing the heat with a fresh game mode named Clash and a dazzling map named Hanaoka. Get ready to dive back into the action and embrace the changes—Mauga is about to make his grand entrance!

Mauga, the powerhouse unveiled at BlizzCon 2023, brings double trouble with his colossal chainguns, igniting targets in fiery havoc and dealing critical damage. With the ability Overrun, Mauga charges forward aggressively, slamming the ground to launch nearby foes into the air. Cage Fight, on the other hand, traps opponents in a massive cylindrical cage, providing Mauga with unlimited ammo and ample time to obliterate his captive targets. Overwatch 2 enthusiasts got a taste of the action during BlizzCon weekend, offering Blizzard the chance to fine-tune any aspects before Mauga's grand entrance in Season 8.


Mauga's trial run has prompted the Overwatch 2 team to address his survivability concerns, leading to planned buffs for increased resilience and reduced reliance on support. In the latest Overwatch 2 Director's Take, Aaron Keller shared some adjustments in the testing phase. These include replacing 150 health with armor and reducing Mauga's headshot hitbox size. Regarding his abilities, Overrun might grant a 50% damage reduction during the charge and won't be canceled by Sombra's Hack. Additionally, there's a potential health boost for Cardiac Overdrive. The changes aim to bolster Mauga's effectiveness in battles.

Mauga's iconic dual chainguns are undergoing adjustments in Overwatch 2, with the team experimenting on the spread, fire rate, and damage falloff when firing both guns simultaneously. During his trial, firing both chainguns caused a considerable reticle spread. The goal of these changes, according to Aaron Keller, is to enhance Mauga's survivability, provide more reliable damage against smaller targets, and reduce his damage output against larger characters like tanks. These tweaks aim to balance his gameplay dynamics and will continue to be refined before Mauga's official debut in Overwatch 2 this December.

Mauga is not the only hero in line for buffs in Overwatch 2; Roadhog, another Tank, is poised to receive enhancements to his self-healing ability, Take a Breather. This follows closely after Roadhog's much-anticipated rework was implemented. Overwatch 2 Season 8, featuring the arrival of Mauga and other changes, is just around the corner, scheduled for December 5. Get ready for an exciting season!