Palworld: Here's everything that's different in the new Palworld update

Patch v0.2.4.0 for Palworld might seem like a small fry at first glance, focusing mainly on Alpha Pals, bosses, items, and a handful of crucial bug fixes. But hey, don't let its simplicity fool you! This update packs more punch than meets the eye.

What's really got players buzzing is the fact that the Xbox version of Palworld got the update almost simultaneously with Steam. That's a pretty big deal, hinting at some serious synchronicity behind the scenes. It's like Palworld's spring cleaning, getting everything spick and span before the much-anticipated big summer update finally drops.


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And let me tell you, folks, the summer update isn't holding back. We're talking a brand spankin' new island, fresh Pals to meet, and bosses to battle. So, when you think about it, this patch is just laying the groundwork for the epicness that's on the horizon. Get ready to dive back into Palworld like never before!

In the latest patch for Palworld, Alpha Pals and Lucky Pals are getting a slight boost in HP, making them a tad heartier than your average Pals. Plus, there's a new twist in breeding—now, there's a "slight chance" that any Eggs you get might hatch into an Alpha Pal. Talk about adding some spice to the mix!

But that's not all. Enemy Bosses are getting a little less tough with their damage reduction rate getting a nice 18 percent decrease. And to keep battles balanced, there's been a tweak to the HP adjustment to ensure things don't get too crazy.

In the world of items and Pals, there's a new rule: anything dropped upon character death is up for grabs for anyone after 24 hours, but if you snooze, you lose—'cause everything disappears after 48 hours. Oh, and let's not forget about those minor bug fixes. Nobody likes pesky bugs, right?

But wait, there's more! The patch also squashed a couple of annoying bugs, like the one that spammed the server with notifications whenever someone finished or failed a raid, and another that caused gate synchronization issues. Phew, that's a mouthful!

Now, onto the unaddressed issues. Some players, especially on Xbox, are still experiencing crashes in dungeons. While Pocketpair didn't mention this in the patch notes, there's a chance it's been tackled under the hood. Here's hoping for smoother dungeon runs in the future!