Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra Review : focusing on smoother, faster and engrossing gameplay for new gaming enthusiasts

The much awaited Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Ultra Review is here. Is it ideal for gamers and the graphic designers? Scroll down to know what this laptop offers -

Launched on February 22nd Samsung book 3 ultra focuses on gaming and content creators in tech industry and has been among the biggest devices launch by samsung 

As by name the device shows how compatible it can be as it provides 2 in 1 display and which makes your gaming a much on adventurous nature, with much more lineups of samsung book, in the lineups of samsung 3 360  and well known for its display which makes any game much more realistic  than never before.


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Over the years samsung has been launching many devices while learning from apple.If we talk about the display samsung has been ahead of many companies providing 16 inch amoled touch display and 120 Hz of refresh rate with big screen of specs like these there can’t any complain for the display as the colour is vivid helping the gamers for more better perfomance. 

You’ll find it quite amusing that Samsung also lagged in things like it restricts some display settings to HDR only which makes up a problem for its battery consumption, although even after providing a super glossy screen there is hardly any lag while using a stylus with the screen making touch screen games more entertaining.

While comparing the weight of the device it is quite light weighted having weight under 2 kg which is  surprising for  a device having metallic body and heavy design although due to its light weight you can type and use in a better way and typing has been a heck of a good experience provided .

The device is intel evo certified and also comes with Intel’s 13th gen i7-1360p, if you're a hardcore gamer games like fifa 23 , apex legends  and age of empires 4 will not be a issue for your gameplay , while you are provided with processor core i9 , SSD storage of 1 TB vast and graphic nvidia  Geforce RTX 4070  making gameplay on next level and making content for designing enthusiasts also by using softwares like adobe photoshops and much more.

While providing these specs this laptop comes with an engrossing price of 1,65,990 Rupees  on amazon and whereas it’ll cost you even  much lesser if you directly try to buy it from the Samsung store. The laptop is not just a working laptop and is only meant for  professional designers and intense streamers and gamers.