The bigger change for Guilty Gear in the next DLC season is the break of a 20-year-old curse

20-year-old curse broken within Guilty Gear which even has shocked the gaming community as the most unexpected thing occurs

Guilty Gear also known as a fighting series game has been an insight full since its first-ever publication although its latest update has raised plenty of questions in the mind of the users about the update of the character  and, holding mixed opinions from the fans and users

For the first time as the bigger update states users of guilt gear will have a chance to change their character in-game to  the creator of the series the game although fans haven't been sure about this update happening in 2023 since we all know he is nothing but just another distant demon.’


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As shown in the roster reveal the character Asuka R. Kreutz will join the game on May 25th at the end of the season 2 pass and as part of the season 25th anniversary.

Now its upto you whether you refer to this character as a new game title of Asuka or even the gear maker although he surely will not be playing any games 

The character has been a powerful inbuilt holding 26 different spells during the fight which will be surely a good sight to watch for the viewers and has been major inspired by Super Smash Bros.

Just like the previous characters of the game when the character can be played later, he is brought in for a similar level of strength, and even Asuka will face the same fate in the game, whereas some players are enjoying the update and are happy about the changes there is also some chunk of the audience not convinced by the update within the and believe that this might just provide just another spammable projectile in the game.

Although many users are prepared for the new character for being a little weird the new character update in-game has been a pretty shocking  move by the developers whereas some have even noticed a sight of glitch