The healthiest way to play Among Us: Keep reading to find out more!

We know there's always a huge debate going around how Among Us should ACTUALLY be played, and here's out take on it!

It's no joke that Among Us has carved out a solid spot as one of the standout success stories in the indie gaming world. While the game saw its peak in downloads during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, racking up some impressive numbers according to Helplama, it's impressive to note that Among Us is still pulling in an average of 163 monthly players as of 2023. With plans for an animated series in the works and the continuous addition of new maps to the game, it's clear that this little indie gem is opening up a whole world of exciting possibilities for itself.

Even with the cool new Mushroom Clouds popping up in Among Us, the secret rules of the game haven't really budged. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, these tips are like gold, no matter if you're playing the honest crewmate or the sneaky impostor. But hey, remember, everyone's got their own groove, so don't sweat it if you like to shake things up a bit. After all, in this wild multiplayer ride, there's always more than one way to claim that sweet victory!


Among Us can be played in various creative ways, but deep down, it remains a social deduction game all about uncovering the wolf in sheep's clothing. However, when navigating a lobby of strangers as opposed to playing with a group of friends, the tactics need to shift accordingly. People tend to be less trusting of unfamiliar faces, which means that every action taken by a crewmate will likely be put under a magnifying glass.

Although certain behaviors are generally discouraged, when playing with strangers, even seemingly minor deviations, like not wearing the same hat, can result in swift ejections. As a result, it's best to steer clear of the actions when interacting with unfamiliar players like calling meetings just for the heck of it, jokingly claiming to be the impostor, accusing others without solid evidence or even persistently following or stalking other players.

When you're the impostor in Among Us, it's key to stay in the game and avoid looking like you're just chilling. With the kill cooldown timing all over the place (from 10 to 60 seconds depending on the settings), any hint of idleness might make others suspicious. The trick is to fake tasks, giving you the perfect cover to move around freely, plotting your next move.

While many tips suggest faking tasks, they often forget that some crewmates might be keeping a close eye on that taskbar. That's where pretending to tackle the longer tasks, like fueling engines, could come in handy. It's all about blending in, so seeing other crewmates busy with their tasks while you fake yours can really seal the deal on your innocence. Smooth moves, right?