The Last of Us HBO series Episode 3 preview reveals characters Bill and Frank; Find out details of Episode 3 release date and time

The Last of Us HBO series can be expected to explore Bill and Frank's relationship a little more than what the games did, as is being implied in the latest trailer preview of Episode 3. Here are all the details.

The Last of Us Episode 2 just went on air yesterday in the early morning, and we cannot wait for Episode 3.The premise has been set for the journey to Bill and Frank’s, and we also got a sneak-peak at the two characters. HBO revealed the Episode 3 preview yesterday introducing Bill and Frank to us. As fans, with one more week to go for Episode 3, we can’t help but wonder how much of their story’s been explored. Here’s more on the latest on The Last of Us, HBO Max. 

The Last of Us Episode 3 Preview trailer launched

The Episode 3 preview which released yesterday, focuses quite a bit on the characters of Bill and Frank. Nick Offerman, also known for Parks and Recreation can be seen as Bill in the trailer. He’s aiming a shotgun at Frank, played by Murray Bartlett, of The White Lotus fame amongst others. Frank seems to have just landed on the former’s compound. 

While the character of Frank was not really explored in the video games, the trailer reveals more. In an interview with Kakuchopurei, Naughty Dog President and co-creator of HBO’s The Last of Us series, Neil Druckmann revealed that Bill and Frank’s story will be a bit different. Frank is a character who was only mentioned in the video games, and was seen once as a corpse. However Druckmann has informed that Bill’s story has been changed to explore his relationship with Frank. As it is, gamers and fans of The Last of Us have long wondered and pondered about the nature of their relationship. 

Druckmann quoted Director Craig Maizin saying “what if we told this whole other story, this thing that was hinted at in the game, this Bill and Frank relationship. What if we fleshed that out and build a beautiful story of like the love these two felt for each other and like, we can jump around throughout the years in a way we couldn’t in the game because in the game, we’re always on Joel and Ellie’s perspective.”

So that’s something adaptive that we can expect to see in Episode 3 of HBO’s The Last of Us. As for where you can stream it, The Last of Us HBO series can be streamed on HBO Max or Disney+ Hotstar. In India, the episode will go live at 7:30 AM on Monday, 30th January.