Titanfall Legends was reportedly an Apex Legends campaign game

'They were going to have the legends show up and give you special powers throughout the game, so they could tie it to Apex Legends in a really strong way....”

There’s a new report indicating that EA’s supposedly cancelled Titanfall game was a campaign in Apex Legends. This cancelled project would have been a part of Apex Legends, similar to how Halo Infinite integrates the single-player and multiplayer aspects in the same game. Call of Duty also has Modern Warfare 2, a single-player experience, combined with Warzone 2 which is the multiplayer battle royale mode. 

Apex Legends campaign

Giant Bomb reporter Jeff Grubb revealed this information during his live stream on Thursday. This info followed Bloomberg’s report that around 50 people were working on ‘Titanfall Legends’, the codename for the cancelled single-player project. 

EA announced a new  new single-player adventure game set in a “unique universe” back in July 2021. Respawn designer Mohammad Alavi was a part of this project before he left the company in January this year. Alavi is known for his narrative design, creating iconic Call of Duty missions like ‘No Russian’. 

Grubb claimed that the game was more of an Apex Legends spin-off rather than a new Titanfall game. He explained, “Titanfall Legends was not Titanfall 3, because in a lot of people’s minds I think Titanfall 3 was going to be a new, standalone game with a single-player campaign and a multiplayer, and they could just never do that again after Apex Legends changed the calculus on all of those things.”

“In two weeks from now Apex Legends is going to get team deathmatch, and that was always part of a plan to turn Apex Legends into this platform where you could get all kinds of different shooter experiences from an expanded Apex Legends / Titanfall world,” added Grubb.

Titanfall Legends would have been a part of Apex Legends

As mentioned above, Grubb clarified how this project would have been integrated into Apex Legends, the way Call of Duty does it. 

He said, “Titanfall Legends was always supposed to slot in as part of that… Titanfall Legends would be a single-player campaign inside of this platform, in the same way Call of Duty works where you get Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone is right there as well.”

This campaign game would have featured Legends as well as characters from Titanfall including BT, the companion from Titanfall 2. Since Blisk is one of the direct link between these two universes, he was supposed to be a part of this game as well. 

Kuben Blisk is a South African mercenary Pilot who was in Titanfall and did the recruiting for some original characters in Apex Legends for the Apex Games. 

“They were going to have the legends show up and give you special powers throughout the game, so they could tie it to Apex Legends in a really strong way,” Grubb claimed.



Inspired by Doom Eternal

Grubb went on with details about the thought process while developing the game and claimed, “The thinking there was that more people have played Apex Legend than have ever heard of Titanfall, so they were really going to lean into that.”

He added, “They wanted to make the game more active, where you used your abilities more often… the strapline I heard was, ‘we want to make Jon Wick meets Tony Hawk’. They were also super inspired by Doom Eternal, where you’re always aggressive and always getting stuff.”

Titanfall Legends story

Grubb revealed some information about Titanfall Legends’ narrative as well. He said that Rampart, a character from Apex Legends, discovers the chassis of BT and brings BT back to life. 

He went on, “..and BT is this really special titan now, and interacted with something called ‘The Lost Ark’, which was the one thing in the universe that could track down all these parts, and whoever gets them then becomes super powerful.”

EA announced the cancellation internally on Wednesday, as per reports.