Top five things you can do on your mobile surfaces

Here are five things you can already do on your Lock Screen or expect in the future:

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, with the average person now spending 4.9 hours per day using them. Originally, they were primarily used for communication via calls, emails, and messages. However, smartphones have evolved into multifunctional tools with far more capabilities. Nowadays, even your mobile's Lock Screen or other non-app screens are gaining prominence, significantly enhancing the smartphone experience.

Here are five things you can already do on your Lock Screen or expect in the future:


Popular Games


Streaming platforms boast extensive libraries, with individuals currently dedicating approximately 2.5 hours daily to streaming various forms of content. Research indicates that around 30% of viewers in India are inclined towards streaming content in their preferred regional languages, besides Hindi and English. This trend signals a transition towards increased production of regional language content, accompanied by the emergence of additional platforms to showcase it. Looking ahead, we can anticipate a proliferation of readily accessible regional content on mobile phone lock screens.

Live news and notifications

Keeping track of match scores, event highlights, and your favourite entertainers can often be challenging. Instead of the traditional process of unlocking your phone, opening a browser, navigating to a website, and searching for these updates, you can now receive live notifications. Increasingly, platforms are enhancing user accessibility by optimizing notifications to appear as custom visual notifications on the lock screen.

Latest Content

Users can find inspiration and productivity in their spare time. Smartphone surfaces offer a solution by delivering content directly to the lock screen, enabling users to stay engaged during idle periods. This convenience can be further enhanced by organizing widgets and clusters of apps on the lock screen, providing direction even when picking up the phone without a specific purpose in mind.


Now, you can indulge in gaming without even unlocking your phone. Smartphone surfaces grant access to a myriad of games directly on your lock screen, providing a swift and enjoyable gaming experience. With the Indian Mobile Gaming market projected to reach $7.24 Billion by 2029, there's a noticeable trend towards casual gaming and you can now access casual games on the lock screen, enabling people to game on the go.


The abundance of online shopping apps is staggering, covering everything from groceries to accessories and miscellaneous items. Navigating and comparing between these apps can be overwhelming. However, with surfaces, users can now effortlessly browse the latest products and make purchases directly from their lock screen without needing to unlock their phone. Smartphone surfaces streamline the shopping experience, making it convenient to discover and purchase preferred gadgets and brands with ease.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), smartphone surfaces are transforming user-device interactions. Platforms such as Glance offer 4 out of 5 of these groundbreaking features already on the smart lock screens of leading Android smartphones, and it will only get better! So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the potential and fully optimize your smartphone surface experience to make the most of it!