Truke BTG Beta gaming earbuds review: Is the Gaming Mode worth it?

BTG Beta, like many other products of Truke, look to cater to the gaming audience in India.

Truke has recently launched two new gaming earbuds in India. Truke’s latest BTG X1 and BTG Beta gaming earbuds are now available for sale. Truke is an Indian electronics manufacturer and the BTG Beta, like many other products of Truke, look to cater to the gaming audience in India. So, let’s dive into the review of the new Truke BTG Beta and what it has to offer to the Indian gamers out there. 


We’ll start with the look and design of the Truke BTG Beta gaming earbuds. They carry a classic black body with a standard, minimalistic design. There’s also another color option for Truke BTG Beta. Gamers also have the choice of a white version with cyan as a secondary color on the body as well as the earbuds.


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Truke BTG Beta specs
Earbuds Type True Wireless In-Ear
Earbuds Design Angle 45 Degrees
Passive Noise Cancellation Yes
Tap to Control Yes
Case Design Classic Case Design
Paring Technology 1-Step Instant Paring
Driver 13mm Dynamic Speakers
Bluetooth Version 5.3
Supported Codecs SBC/AAC
Battery Capacity 40mAh Earbuds, 300mAh Charging Case
Single Charge Music Playback/Talk Time 8-10 Hours 
Total Music Playback/Talk Time up to 48 Hours
Standby Time upto 72 Hours*
Charging Port Type-C Fast charging
Environmental Noise Cancellation Dual Mic Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)
Mic Type Dual MEMS Mic (Single Mic on each earbud)
Siri and Google Voice Assistant Yes
IPX Rating IPX4



Truke BTG Beta earbuds come with a type-C charger in-box and two spare earbuds with different sizes to pick from. Truke BTG Beta offers a Gaming Mode which claims to offer Ultra Low Latency of up to 40ms. 

The gaming earbuds also offer Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and instant pairing. There are no buttons on the charging case of the Truke BTG Beta earbuds. You simply open the case and it starts looking to pair a device. 



Truke’s latest earbuds also have ‘Dual Mic Environmental Noise Cancellation’ (ENC) with it. The AI-powered noise cancellation does its job fairly well but I didn’t find it as effective as I hoped.  One of the most impressive features however is the battery life attached to them. Truke BTG Beta offers a massive 10-hour battery life on a single charge and its charging case can add an additional (up to) 30 hours of battery life.


There are different functions available in these gaming earbuds. Here are all the playback, sound mode, and other functions supported by the BTG Beta.  

Play/Pause functionality works with a simple touch on either of the earbuds button. Calls are also answered in the same way. Incoming calls can be rejected by touching and holding either of the earbuds for 2 seconds. 



There are two modes on Truke BTG Beta: Gaming Mode and Music Mode. Gamers who want to use the earbuds for its Gaming Mode can do so by simply tapping the left earbud three times to turn the feature on or off.

While the earbuds automatically turn off when they're put back in the charging case, you can also manually turn off the earbuds. This can be done by holding the button for 5 seconds on either of the two earbuds and that will power off the earbuds. You'll also hear a 'Power off' confirmation for the same. 

Sound quality

Gaming Mode on the Truke BTG Beta offers seamless connectivity and enough quality for a good gaming session. I didn’t experience any stuttering, delay or similar issues while using these earbuds during Gaming Mode. The gaming earbuds do live up to the billing when it comes to the Gaming Mode feature. 

I tested the Gaming Mode while playing Apex Legends and used Truke BTG Beta for communication with the squad members as well as for the in-game sounds. 

However, the Music Mode, which is the default setting, did not impress me. Its music quality, at best, can be called decent, and it did not provide a high-quality, immersive music experience. I tried a variety of songs from different genres ranging from Techno to Country music. 

Music Mode delivers quality for treble-heavy music but still falls short of creating a rich and smooth experience since they seem to lack the capability to produce quality bass. Even in songs that don’t quite rely on bass-heavy beats, you won’t find a balance between bass and treble. 


Truke BTG Beta are worth Rs. 999 and with that taken into account, the gaming earbuds do provide a fair value for money. Truly wireless earbuds with an impressive Gaming Mode at this price point do make the earbuds an ideal choice for those who are out searching for gaming earbuds. For hard-core gamers, the best choice would still be headphones and there are plenty of good options out there under Rs 1000. 

For competitive gamers, the low latency does prove as an advantage but the overall quality of sound can hamper performance as the failure to keep track of even the faintest enemy footsteps can prove to be a difference maker in competitive FPS gaming. 

Truke BTG Beta are the right choice for casual gamers or those who hop on to multiplayer lobbies with their friends and want a device like this one that can deliver an optimum communication gameplay experience. 

Rating: 3/5

Editor's Note: Truke shared the BTG Beta earbuds with us for the product review.