Truke BTG X1 True Gaming Earbuds Review: Looks great, sounds fine

The Truke BTG X1 Gaming Earbuds does look like it is tailor made for gamers, but how true to its audience is it actually? Let's find out.

Truke has rung in the new year with two new product additions to its Born to Game series. The BTG X1 “True Gaming Earbuds” launched on the 4th of January, while the BTG Beta launched on 9th January. Both the earbuds are now available for sale in India from retailers across the country. India Today Gaming had the opportunity of trying out the BTG X1. So here’s what we think about the Truke BTG X1 “True Gaming Earbuds”.  

What’s in the box?


The Truke BTG X1 “True Gaming Earbuds” comes with a charging case containing the two earbuds, along with a C-Type charging USB. A warranty card, and a user manual can also be found in the box. The packaging could have been a bit better as the earbuds case is placed in such a way that it can easily fall down, while being taken out. 

Look and Design

The first look is what stands out, and is one of the best features of the Truke BTG X1 Earbuds. The encasing is lined with RGB lights, along the borders and the openings, and just like that it sets itself exclusively for the taste of gamers. The two earbuds can be found horizontally placed in the charging case. They on the contrary have quite a simple design in plain black, with indicators at the back that blink in red and blue. Regardless, if not anything else, the design of the BTG X1 Earbuds definitely gives off the vibe that every gamer looks for in their accessories. It is cool, and it is classy. 


I’m personally not a fan of the plastic front cases, even though they have been shaped in a way that they snuggly fit in your ears. That is because the noise cancellation that I’m looking for doesn't feel adequate, but it seems to work better in the gaming mode, than the music mode. Here’s where I need to draw attention to the two modes that are available with these earbuds-  the music mode and the gaming mode. 

The music mode promises a “cinematic music experience” in care of its 12mm Titanium Speaker Drivers, and “enhanced DSP processor”. The “powerful deep bass” that Truke assures of in this mode, doesn’t sound too impressive in practice. The music mode provides a rather balanced listening experience for you to just sit back and enjoy the music. However, if you’re trying to focus on the various components of the track, the gaming mode comes to the rescue, with appreciably better feedback for the different frequencies. Naturally that’s a plus during gaming, when every single sound becomes important in your game. 

Rounding off, I found the gaming mode to provide much better quality of sound than the music mode. However, immersivity is not something I naturally experienced with the Truke BTG X1 True Gaming Earbuds. 


Additionally, the Truke BTG X1 reportedly comes equipped with QUAD MEMS Mic, which features a Deep Neural Network Call Noise Cancellation Technology.  The result- I experienced some of the most interruption-free calls and in-game voice chats. This “call noise cancellation technology” is really worth appreciating. 


The battery life of the Truke BTG X1 is truly impressive. The BTG X1 has a total playtime of 48 hours, with 10 hours at a stretch on a single charge. While this may sound too specific, I was amazed to find out that throughout the period that I was using the Earbuds for reviewing, I just had to charge it once. This becomes advantageous when gaming for long hours at a stretch, and is one big plus for the Truke BTG X1. 


Another plus would be that the Earbuds don’t have power control functionality with a single tap on the back. Single taps on either side increases and decreases the volume, in addition to taking calls. This makes the BTG X1 much cleaner and easier to handle than earbuds that switch off or pause the track every time you touch the back, even if by mistake. Double taps on the left earbud is for switching on Voice Assistant. Three consecutive taps on the right earbud will help you switch between the two gaming and music modes available.   




Earbuds Type

True Wireless Half in-Ear

Earbuds Design Angle


Tap to Control


Case Design

20RGB Gaming Characterized

Paring Technology

1-Step Instant Paring



12mm Dynamic Speakers


Bluetooth Version


Supported Codecs



Battery Capacity

40mAh Earbuds 300mAh Charging Case

Single Charge Music Playback/Talk Time


Total Music Playback

Upto 48Hours*

Charging Port

Type-C Fast charging


Noise Cancellation

Environmental Noise Cancellation

Mic Type

Quad MEMS Mic (Dual Mic on each earbud)


Siri and Google Voice Assistant

3 times Tap Left Earbud


Increase/Decrease volume

Volume increase – tap right earbud once
Volume decrease – tap left earbud once


IPX Rating



Low Latency

Up to 40ms


Features that were impressive to me include the design with the RGB lights, the battery life, the call noise cancellation technology, and the tap functionality. However, when it comes to the sound quality, which is the real deal, the gaming mode is better than the music mode, though it is still not the best thing about the Truke BTG X1 earbuds.

The BTG X1 is priced at Rs 3,499 which is more than most average earbuds out there in the market. I wouldn’t consider that to be value for money. But, if you’re still looking for a decent pair of earbuds for your general needs that looks cool, you can go ahead with this model from Truke if you have the money to spare. It is currently available on Amazon at a discounted price of Rs 1,299, which is a good value for the BTG X1.

Rating- 3/5 

Editor's Note: Truke shared the BTG X1 True Gaming Earbuds with us for the product review.