VALORANT: New VALORANT Map Abyss is speculated to be "One of a kind"

VALORANT fans are in for an exciting new addition with the upcoming map Abyss, unveiled by Riot Games through a cinematic trailer on June 8. The trailer showcased the map's unique design, featuring a garden suspended above an endless pit, which instantly drew comparisons to Counter-Strike's classic map Vertigo.

Map Overview

  • Name: Abyss
  • Release Date: To be announced
  • Setting: A garden situated on top of an endless pit

Key Features and Comparisons

  1. Endless Pit:


    Popular Games

    • Abyss: The map's name and design revolve around a massive central pit, adding a high-stakes element where players can potentially fall to their doom. This design choice introduces a new layer of strategy and risk, especially around the central Spike site.
    • Vertigo: Known for its high-altitude setting on two upper floors of a skyscraper under construction, Vertigo allows players to fall off its edges, but not from within the main playable areas.
  2. Central Pit:

    • Abyss appears to have a significant hole in the center of a Spike site, possibly creating dynamic gameplay scenarios where positioning and movement are crucial.
  3. Map Boundaries:

    • Riot has yet to confirm whether Abyss will feature barriers to prevent players from accidentally walking off the map, a detail that could significantly impact gameplay.
  4. Player Reactions:

    • Fans are eagerly anticipating the potential chaos of teammates falling off the map as they get accustomed to Abyss, expecting a steep learning curve in the initial weeks of play.
    • Many youtubers who got early access to the map rave about the map's unique design, as well as tis and tricks for certain mains who can throw mollies or wallbang. SInce this the first map in itself where a player can fall off to their death, we speculate that you'd be seeing alot of Raze mains flourishing on this map!

Developer Insights

  • Pearl Map Design: Prior to Abyss, the developers considered including a pit in the Pearl map, but opted against it to maintain a "deceptively simple" layout. Pearl does have a hole above the ropes near the attackers' spawn, but players cannot fall off the map from that spot.
  • Design Philosophy: Riot's approach to Abyss suggests a willingness to experiment with map features that challenge player navigation and spatial awareness, setting it apart from previous maps.

Fan Speculations and Expectations

The cinematic reveal has sparked a flurry of speculation among fans, particularly around how the map's verticality and central pit will influence competitive play. Comparisons to Vertigo highlight the community's anticipation for a map that combines high-risk movement with strategic gameplay. The absence of confirmed barriers adds to the excitement and potential for unexpected gameplay moments.


Abyss is set to bring a fresh and thrilling dynamic to VALORANT with its unique design elements and high-stakes environment. As fans await further details and the official release, the new map promises to shake up the meta and offer a visually and strategically engaging experience for players.