Want Free UC in BGMI? Here is the Way to get Extra UC in BGMI.

In the BGMI community, this is a dream for every player to have a huge amount of UC in his BGMI account. However, many users apply unlawful methods like carding to get huge UC in their accounts. We criticize these types of practices as it is a cybercrime that carders use to steal the details of credit card holders worldwide. This unlawful activity is very common in this industry. However, we would suggest you not be involved in such activities. If you want to get more UC in less price, here is an event that Krafton announced last week. 

On 2nd July 2024, Krafton launched an event in BGMI where you can get more UC at the same price. The event name is UC UP Event – Anniversary Special. This event will end on 16th July 2024. In this event, if you will buy 60 UC then you will get 60 UC free in the period of this event. You can only redeem this 60 UC one time. If you buy 300 UC, then you will get 200 UC free one time from this event. If you will buy 600 UC then you will get 220 UC one time from this event. 


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Purchasing 1500 UC comes with a surprise bonus. You'll receive a random amount of additional UC, either 220, 320, 420, 650, or 900, absolutely free. Same with purchasing 3000 UC, either you will get 300, 450, 600, 1050, or 1500 UC free. After purchasing 6000 UC, you will get either 400, 650, 900, 1600, 2300, or 3000 UC free. When you purchase 12000 UC, you will get either 400, 650, 900, 1600, 2300, or 3000 UC free. Purchasing 18000 UC is the maximum limit to get free UC, if you purchase 18000 UC, you will get either 1200, 1800, 2400, 3000, 4800, or 6000 UC free. 

This event depicts that you can earn a minimum of 21000 UC and a maximum of 33,100 UC in 16,900 INR. We would suggest you purchase UC from www.unipin.com as it is the only KRAFTON-trusted website where you can buy UC. 

We wish you a happy gaming!