What are Discord Loot Boxes and how can you get your hands on them?


As part of the festivities, Discord has introduced Loot Boxes that, when unlocked, offer a handful of bonus rewards to spice up your experience on the app. To access and open these Loot Boxes on Discord, simply click on the User Settings icon located at the bottom of the screen. From there, navigate to the Loot Boxes tab within the User Settings section under Clips. If you don’t immediately spot the Loot Boxes tab, try restarting Discord, and it should pop up for you to explore.

Your loot box inventory keeps track of all the rewards you've collected thus far. Above your inventory, you'll find loot box stats, showing how many you and the community have opened, along with your total rewards.


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To open a new loot box, look for the button labeled "Open a new box!" It's located just above the stats. Click on it, then click on the box itself to reveal your prize! Enjoy the surprise!

Opening a Discord loot box offers you the chance to snag one of nine items for your inventory. While these items don't have any functionality beyond playing a sound effect when clicked, there's an extra treat in store if you manage to collect all nine: a limited-time item.

Here's a rundown of the rewards you can find in Discord's Loot Boxes, along with their fun themes:

  1. Buster Blade (Final Fantasy)
  2. Cute Plushie
  3. Wump Shell (Mariokart)
  4. Speed Boost (Sonic The Hedgehog)
  5. Zelda
  6. Power Helmet (Metroid)
  7. Quack!!
  8. OHHHHH BANANA (Donkey Kong)
  9. Dream Hammer (Kirby)

Once you've collected all nine rewards, you'll unlock the Clown avatar decoration and a shiny badge for your profile. But don't dawdle too long—this decoration won't stick around forever, as it's a temporary treat in honor of April Fool's Day. One fortunate player already snagged the Clown avatar by opening nine boxes!

Looking ahead, loot boxes might become a permanent fixture on Discord, offering exciting rewards like custom profile banners, icons, badges, notification sounds, and more. Keep an eye out after the April Fool's Day festivities to see if Discord decides to make them a permanent part of the platform!

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