Wuthering Waves Surpasses 30 Million Downloads: Celebration and Future Prospects

Wuthering Waves, the latest action-fantasy gacha game from Kuro Games, has reached a significant milestone, surpassing 30 million downloads worldwide. This achievement is particularly notable given that Kuro Games was relatively unknown prior to this release.

Celebration Rewards

To celebrate this milestone, Kuro Games is giving away the following items to all players:


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  • 10 Luminous Tides
  • 5 Crystal Solvents

These items can be used immediately or saved for future use:

  • Luminous Tides: Can be used on the current standard character banner.
  • Crystal Solvents: Can be exchanged for more waveplates to claim additional rewards from trials or ascension Echoes.

Note: Players must claim these rewards within 30 days, as the mail containing them will be automatically deleted after this period.

Comparing Success with Industry Giants

Wuthering Waves had a slower start compared to industry giants like:

  • Honkai: Star Rail: Achieved over 20 million downloads on launch day.
  • Genshin Impact: Reached 17 million downloads on mobile within four days of release.

Despite the longer time to reach the 30 million mark, Wuthering Waves has shown remarkable resilience and growth, matching the download figures of these well-established titles within a month.

Challenges and Developer Response

While the game has seen significant success, it has also faced several challenges, particularly related to:

  • Ping and Performance Issues
  • Gameplay Problems
  • Crashes

These issues have led to some negativity from the player community. However, the developers have been transparent and proactive in addressing these concerns, consistently releasing updates to improve the game's performance. In their milestone post on X (formerly Twitter), they assured players of their ongoing efforts to enhance the game, hinting at exciting new adventures in the pipeline.

Future Prospects

Given the developer's commitment to addressing current issues and their plans for future content, Wuthering Waves appears poised for continued growth and success. The game's early player base remains dedicated, encouraged by the developers' transparency and responsiveness.


Wuthering Waves has achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing 30 million downloads, demonstrating its potential to stand alongside major titles like Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact. The celebration rewards serve as a thank-you to the player community, while the developers' commitment to ongoing improvements and new content promises a bright future for the game. Players are encouraged to log in and claim their rewards, and to stay tuned for the exciting updates that lie ahead.