Black Ops 6 Event Challenges in Warzone: Everything You Need to Know

Black Ops 6 is set to make waves later in 2024, and as always, Warzone is the place to catch a sneak peek. Similar to its predecessors—Black Ops Cold War, Vanguard, MW2, and MW3—Warzone offers event challenges that tease upcoming content. Here’s a comprehensive guide to what’s currently known about the Black Ops 6 event challenges in Warzone.

1. Sally Blueprint Challenge

To unlock the "Sally" blueprint and add it to your collection, you'll need to complete the following steps:


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  • Find the Blueprint: The "Sally" blueprint is an akimbo setup for the 9mm Daemon pistol from MW2. It can be found as ground loot in loot caches around Warzone.
  • Get a Kill: After finding the "Sally" blueprint, you must get a kill with it to unlock both the reward and the blueprint for your collection.

2. Discovered Intel: Uncovering the Mole

This multi-step challenge requires you to locate and interact with three pieces of intel in a single game. Due to its difficulty, the Plunder mode is recommended.

  • Locations of Intel:

    • Daily Briefing Book: Found on a desk at Talanov Outpost (inside Bunker 10, between Popov Power and Levin Resort).
    • Wanted Poster: A poster of Russell Adler on a wall at Zlatyev Array (Northeast of Orlov Military Base).
    • Photo: On a desk at Shahin Manor, with "They died by a traitor’s hand!" written in red ink.
  • Entering Bunker Seven:

    • Location: Bunker Seven is in Urzikstan, northeast of Old Town and southeast of Popov Power.
    • Access Code: Enter the code 72559 to access the bunker.
    • Completion: Interact with the computer inside the bunker. Note that only the first player to do this in a match can complete the challenge, so be quick.

3. Gaining the Exclusive Execution

Once all the above challenges are completed, you will unlock an exclusive execution animation. According to leaks, this execution features the player character using akimbo pistols and striking the iconic "Black Ops guy" pose from the franchise’s cover art, squatting and holding the guns.


The Black Ops 6 event in Warzone offers exciting challenges that not only tease the upcoming game but also provide exclusive rewards. From unlocking the "Sally" blueprint to discovering hidden intel and gaining a unique execution, players have plenty to look forward to. Make sure to dive into Warzone and complete these challenges to stay ahead and gear up for the Black Ops 6 release!