Blind Esports Revamps Roster with Galaxy Esports Players, Aman as Underdog

In recent days, we’ve seen Blind Esports giving farewell to its players and content creators leaving the organization. Everybody thought that Blind Esports was shutting down all of its services.

However, on 8th July 2024, Blind posted on Instagram about its new roster including four players of Galaxy Esports who were qualifiers till the semi-finals in BGIS and one underdog player. Now, the full BGIS lineup of Blind Esports is Nova, Evil, DP, Sourav, and Aman in which Nova, Evil, Sourav, and DP are from Galaxy Esports and Aman is an underdog.


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 The announcement post mentioned that this roster is for Battlegrounds Mobile Masters Series 2024. It means the lineup is not yet hired on papers. When we asked one of the players in this lineup about this, we learned that they would be hired on paper after BGMS based on their performance. It depicts that Blind is not confident in currently hiring any lineup. They are showcasing their patience to play the wise move.

 We’ve already seen these players performing in BGIS, shocking the whole IGC in the early rounds. These players deserve to be in an organization like Blind Esports and have the potential to lift the trophy. These players emerged as underdogs but considering the all-over performance in BGIS, they made many teams not qualify for the Semi-finals. But unfortunately, they were unable to make it to the Grand Finals.  

However, this organization will help them reach every level of success in the Indian Gaming Community. 
We hope for the best performance by this team in the upcoming BGMS.