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Nintendo shuts down Switch eshop in Russia with immeditiate effect

Russian players would no longer be able to make purchases and redeem codes on the Switch eshop with the company deciding to shutdown the service.


Top 5 BGMI live streams with highest live watching post game's return

The return of Battlegrounds Mobile India has proven to be a treat for streamers and players as it resulted in high watching during their live streams. Read the article to know the Top five BGMI live streams post game's return.


League Of Legends Back With a New Patch of 13.11

The upcoming League Patch 13.11, set to be released next week, focuses on champion adjustments and item changes, particularly for bot lane picks.


Pokémon champ to continue despite antisemitism backlash

Despite facing backlash over an offensive 'joke' involving anti-Semitism, the Pokémon champion remains determined to continue competing in 2023.


The upcoming weekend marks a significant event for fans of Modern Warfare 2

It will be the game's first double XP weekend in over a month.


Major changes demanded and recommended by Valorant players regarding Omen

Omen is also a popular controller in Valorant mainly because of the skill set and pattern of the agent, whereas the agent has a quick ability to use smokes and the ability can be used again and teleportation majorly helps in one vs one situations.


Spnix's arrival plays a major role in the victory of team vitality

Team Vitality couldn't have asked for a major comeback in the tournament from Spinx assuring a major victory and breaking all the odds.


The bigger change for Guilty Gear in the next DLC season is the break of a 20-year-old curse

20-year-old curse broken within Guilty Gear which even has shocked the gaming community as the most unexpected thing occurs


Destiny shins their way of gaming after the big failure of Overwatch 2

Destiny 2 plays a major substitute role after there has been a decline noticed in Overwatch 2, and many other games may emerge too.


Overwatch’s broken game mode forces the players from switching to different games in Pve Mode

Overwatch 2 developed by Blizzard had been a joy to watch, although in recent times the ignorance of the updates done by the developers has created many questions in the mind of the users.