Debate Among Call of Duty Fans: Should Jetpacks Return to the Franchise?

Discover the ongoing debate in the Call of Duty community about the potential return of jetpacks to the franchise.

Should jetpacks return in the venerable video game franchise, the Call of Duty fanbase is split on the issue. Exo-suits were introduced in Advanced Warfare, ushering in a new era for COD and a change from the genre's customary gameplay with soldiers on the ground. Although there were conflicting reactions to this change, it also gave games like Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, and Black Ops 4 the idea to experiment with jetpack concepts.

Modern Warfare 2019 was widely praised by the community for bringing back the cherished boots-on-the-ground gameplay style. Five years have passed since the last game using jetpacks, though, and some players have started to change their minds about this contentious feature.


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Notably, Call of Duty League pros participated in a Black Ops 3 competition that was organised by FaZe Zooma lately. Dashy of OpTic Gaming lauded Black Ops 3 as "the peak of COD" after playing the thrilling jetpack action. As they observed the reappearance of jetpacks in use, many people in the neighbourhood expressed similar opinions.

ModernWarzone made the decision to start a debate by asking the Call of Duty community a simple question: "Should jetpacks make a return in Call of Duty?" The controversy is still significant for any prospective future entries in the series, even though Sledgehammer Games has already stated that the upcoming MW3 won't include jetpacks.

Well-known video game insider Tom Henderson had an intriguing viewpoint when he said, "Wouldn't mind a jetpack COD every 5-6 years really. It would be a wonderful change in Warzone and makes for an interesting variation.

Another user suggested dividing up the work among the COD creators, with Infinity Ward handling games that take place in the present, Treyarch handling games that take place in the past, and Sledgehammer investigating games that take place in the future and experiment with mechanics.

Some people, however, are not in favour of the comeback of jetpacks. The idea was vehemently rejected by one poster, who said, "No, they already ruined the game once."

It's interesting to note that recent rumours indicate Call of Duty 2025 would include remastered levels from Black Ops 2, which might put this discussion on wait for a while. Fans wonder what will become of their favourite video game franchise as the future of jetpacks in the Call of Duty series is questionable and the community is still divided.