Discord x VALORANT brings out pricier themes to doll up your profile!


To mark the arrival of Clove, the latest controller agent in VALORANT, a special collaboration between VALORANT and Discord has been unveiled. For a limited time, exclusive avatar and profile effects themed around the new agent are up for grabs. While they come at a slightly steep price, they offer a unique way to show your support for Clove and stand out in the Discord community.

At $15.99 each (or $11.99 for Nitro subscribers), the new VALORANT-themed cosmetics featured in the Discord store might seem a bit steep for some. They include five animated avatar decorations, representing Clove, Omen, Reyna, Jett, and an in-game ace effect, along with three profile effects, two of which are for Clove and another ace-themed one.


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Compared to other items in the store, which typically range from $6 to $12 for non-Nitro users (and cheaper for Nitro subscribers), these VALORANT-themed cosmetics do come with a premium price tag. While they undoubtedly add a stylish touch to your profile, their cost may deter some users from making the purchase.

It's true that VALORANT players have shown a willingness to invest in high-priced bundles and skins within the game itself, which might suggest that the higher-priced Discord effects aren't necessarily out of line. Some bundles in VALORANT can cost around or even above 10,000 VALORANT points, equivalent to roughly $100.

Although we don't have specific data on the sales performance of these higher-priced bundles in VALORANT, we do know that bundles like the Champions bundles, which support esports teams and sell for around $60 worth of VP, have been quite successful. For example, the Champions 2023 bundle generated $40 million in sales, with half of that amount going to teams. Both the 2021 and 2022 versions also saw strong sales numbers.