EA Sports FC 24 Review: A Familiar but Incremental Evolution of FIFA 23

EA Sports FC 24 carries forward the legacy of its predecessor, FIFA 23, offering fans of the football simulation genre an updated experience.

The world of video games is no stranger to annual iterations, where gamers eagerly anticipate the next installment of their favorite franchises, expecting substantial changes and improvements. One such case is the release of EA Sports FC 24, which has garnered attention with its new name and logo but may leave players wondering if it truly distinguishes itself from the previous FIFA game. In this article, we'll delve into what EA FC 24 brings to the table, highlighting its subtle improvements and persistent shortcomings.

EA Sports FC 24 carries forward the legacy of its predecessor, FIFA 23, offering fans of the football simulation genre an updated experience. The first noticeable change comes from a slightly slower pace of play. While this may take some adjustment, it encourages a more strategic approach, favoring skillful passing maneuvers over speed and agility. Player movement is impressively responsive, and the animations flow seamlessly, creating a more natural and immersive gameplay experience.


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However, despite these enhancements, the game still falls short in several key areas. Goalkeepers occasionally exhibit erratic behavior, making questionable saves and sometimes contributing to their own misfortune. Passes can go astray unpredictably, and successful tackles can inexplicably return the ball to the attackers, often placing them in a more favorable position. The game's off-the-ball AI and referees also continue to present issues, making for a less-than-perfect experience.

One of the notable addition to EA FC 24 is the PlayStyles system, which assigns unique skills to each player, reflecting their real-life abilities. This system adds depth to the matches, as players must consider the specific strengths and weaknesses of their squad. World-class players even possess an overpowered signature move called PlayStyle Plus, offering an additional layer of strategy and excitement

Furthermore, the introduction of Evolutions in Ultimate Team allows players to level up their squad members, reducing the reliance on obtaining better players through packs or purchases. These upgrades can be earned through gameplay challenges, which introduce elements reminiscent of role-playing games, giving players a sense of progression and customization.

The addition of women to the Ultimate Team is a commendable step towards diversity and inclusivity, which truly reflects the increasing recognition of the women's game. This addition has undoubtedly enhanced the overall experience, expanding the roster of available players.

In short, EA Sports FC 24 can be considered an evolution of FIFA 23 rather than a revolution. While it introduces several positive features such as PlayStyles, Evolutions, and the inclusion of women in Ultimate Team, the game also carries over longstanding gameplay issues. There are a couple of areas of improvement in the form of Career mode which continues to remain underdeveloped, and the shadow of microtransactions looms large over Ultimate Team.

EA FC 24 definitely has a few flaws but it still continues to deliver thrilling moments of footballing joy on the pitch. Gamers expecting more from this title would be dissatisfied, the game falls short in certain areas. EA Sports FC 24 maintains the essence of the beautiful game while offering a familiar if not slightly better, experience. Based on our experience with the game, we would rate EA FC 24, 8 out of 10.