ESPL 2 Invitational Qualifiers League Play 2 Day 3 begins today; check out the top teams and more on what's coming up

After today's matches, we'll get the top 16 teams who will compete in the Weekly Finals 2 which start tomorrow. You can learn more about this down below.

Today marks the 20th day of India Today Gaming’s ESPL 2, presented by Tecno Pova 3. Today’s competition will also conclude the League Play phase of the Invitational Qualifiers. We will be explaining this statement further for your convenience. But after that, for others who have been consistently following ESPL 2, we now also have the overall standings of the teams at the end of yesterday’s matches. So, stay tuned till the end. 

Here's everything you need to know before Day 3 of League Play 2 begins today

The Invitational Qualifiers is the selection round for 24 teams- 16 invited professional squads, and 8 underdog squads. These teams have been competing against each other for two weeks now. They’ve faced each other in matches held over seven days. The top sixteen from the League Plays (held on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays of the two weeks) compete in the Weekly Finals (Saturdays and Sundays) to further bolster their scores. At the end of two Weekly Finals, the top 8 players based on their cumulative score throughout the Invitational Qualifiers, will directly qualify to the LAN Finals. 


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We already have our top scorers from Weekly Finals 1. League Play 2 is on to give us the top 16, who will compete in the Weekly Finals 2. It is to be held on the 16th and 17th of July. Therefore, today is the deciding day, for us to know which 16 teams will be competing in the Weekly Finals 2 which starts tomorrow. So, let’s take a look at the overall standings of the teams, before today’s action begins.

Overall Standings after Match 12 of League Play 2


Team Name    

Finish Points    

Position Points    

Total Points

1 Revenge Esports  41 64 105
2     Autobotz 30 66 96
3     4King 54 41 96
4     Chaisutta 41 43 84
5     Entity 33 49 82
6     Reckoning 39 40 79
7 Doom Slugs 2.0 31 46 77
8 Sturdy Esports 39 36 76
9 Nade Esports 29 39 68
10 Gravity Esports 38 28 66
11 True Rippers 33 28 61
12 TWOB 17 33 50
13 Vritra Esports 24 26 50
14 INS 25 25 50
15 Walkouts 21 28 49
16 No Recoil 14 33 47

To know if there are any changes to this leaderboard, before the Weekly Finals, you will have to catch up with today’s action. You can watch today’s matches live on LOCO, ESPL 2’s Exclusive Digital Broadcast Partner. Check into channels ESPL.Hindi or ESPL_English on the LOCO website or the LOCO App, to witness Day 3 of League Play 2, live. Today’s matches will be streamed from 5pm to 10pm, IST. 

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